4 Windows 10 Mobile Features Android Users Crave for

Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10 Mobile has been around for quite some time now, but things aren’t going down so well for the Microsoft-owned mobile operating system.

This, however, doesn’t mean that the current Windows 10 Mobile does not impress in any way. In fact, those using this platform have quite a number of features that many Android users would love to have. In case you are an Android user, here are 4 features available on Windows 10 Mobile that you would relish having on your device.

Home screen

In terms of design aesthetics, there is no better looking home screen that what you get on Windows 10 Mobile. Of course, the tiles aspect of the interface has been here before, but the latest offers a unique experience from the usual. You will enjoy the vertical single scroll direction available on the home screen, something that can add a lot to the convenience of using the phone on a day to day basis.

As for Android users, the home screen allows for left and right swipes whereas some app drawers come with up and down scrolling, which is kind of inconsistent.

Widgets vs tiles

As mentioned earlier, Windows 10 Mobile has a unique tiles interface that features excellent continuity. You will enjoy seeing animated tiles with bits of information such as missed calls, received messages or even changing images. When compared to what widgets can do on Android, this is way too innovative from Microsoft.

One-time activation of one-handed mode

The Android world boasts some of the largest screens on smartphones. It is not an unusual thing to come across a 6-inch Android phone. With such a phone, using one hand is not really possible, hence the need for a one-handed mode. While this feature is usually hidden under some key combination on Android, Windows 10 Mobile has a very easy way of activating the same. All you need is to press and hold the Windows button to activate the one-handed mode. This means that your operations will take place on one-half of the screen. To disable it, simply repeat the same process.

Windows 10 Mobile


Microsoft added a feature known as Continuum to Windows 10 Mobile at a later stage. While this feature is far from being perfect, just like the entire OS, it is a great innovation in itself. With Continuum, you can easily turn your phone into a PC. All you need is to connect your Continuum-enabled Windows 10 phone to the display dock and from there, you can add a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. It is even possible to connect HDMI TVs as well as projectors.

You can’t find anything of this kind on Android, iOS or any other mobile platform.

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