5 Amazing Android Games That You Could Download for Free Today

5 Amazing Android Games That You Could Download for Free Today

Gone are the times when you spend hours playing Angry Birds on your Android phone because there are new game titles being launched on the Google platform every week and here are some of the best picks that you should download today for free.

Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator is an excessively popular title on the PC platform. It started off as a sarcastic joke on Steam, PC’s digital game distribution software which later emerged into a game of its own on all consoles and now on Android smartphones as well. You can download the game for free but apart from the initial levels, you should pay to gain access to more levels. The game is all about destroying things by being a silly goat that keeps jumping from one spot to another.


For a mobile operating system like Android, Morphite might sound like overkill but for hardcore gamers, this is the title to go with. The game is a sci-fi first-person shooter in which you explore planets, acquire new colonies and collect necessary resources for the human race to survive. The game is free to download and you can play the first two missions to get an idea of how good it is before paying the full price of $4.99 to unlock the entire story mode besides a host of side missions.

5 Amazing Android Games Download for Free Today

Is It Love? Peter – Episode Vampire

The romantic story is set in the world of vampire and haunted mansions making it an ideal pick for this Valentine’s season. The interactive choice game features brilliant artwork, a good soundtrack and will immerse you into the world to of a young girl who gets hired to work in the Bartholy Manor. The spectacular visuals make this game a fun ride when you just want to sit back and relax without having to shoot opponents all the time.

Hero Hunters

Superheroes and comic books are all the rage now. In Hero Hunters, you get to build your own team of superheroes each with their unique power. There is a huge collection of 40 powerful heroes to choose from and the best part is, this game has a single player campaign. You can also fight in co-op modes, PvP mode and go for raids along with friends in PvE game modes.

5 Amazing Android Games You Could Download for Free Today

Knife Hit

Among the top 5 free Android games to download this week, Knife Hit is an easy pick. You aim the knife, throw it at the log until it splits and the difficulty increases as you proceed. You can also win new knifes, hit tomatoes or cheese instead of wooden logs. It is ad-supported yet addictive and fun on the go.

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