5 Android and iOS Apps to Keep You Updated on the 2016 Rio Olympic Games

2016 Rio Olympic Games

The 2016 Rio Olympic Games are already underway and millions are set to enjoy the thrill of the events for the upcoming two weeks.

Keeping an eye on each and every event, or rather, your favorite sport at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games can be a real test. Of course, NBC will be bringing the live coverage of the event to all U.S. dwellers, but as expected, not all events will be televised by the company. This means that you won’t be able to watch every event on your TV, instead, you may have to switch to online platforms to find out more about other events.

To help you keep tabs on the 2016 Rio Olympic Games as they happen, here are five smartphone apps users of Android and iOS can turn to for the most up to date news and live coverage of the games.


Facebook is the leading social networking platform with more than 1.5 billion users. While some people still depend on the desktop web platform to access Facebook, a larger chunk also has the mobile app installed on their Android and iOS devices. In partnership with NBC, Facebook has come up with a Social Command Center in Rio where employees of the company will be responsible for producing unique content based on the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. According to Facebook, users of the app will be able to enjoy exclusive interviews with athletes, daily video recaps, commentary as well as slow-motion video coverage via photo and video sharing app, Instagram.

NBC Olympics — News And Results

As noted above, NBC will be televising the 2016 Rio Olympic Games live from Brazil. To make things a little more interesting, NBC Universal has created an NBC Olympics — News And Results app that focuses on the Olympics event, but it doesn’t replace the usual NBC Sports app, which takes into account all sporting events.

2016 Rio Olympic Games

According to the developers, the new app will provide users of Android and iOS devices with real-time results, video highlights, streaming and TV schedules as well as expert analysis. You will be provided with a full bio of all Team USA athletes, notifications, and alerts, among others.


Olympics — Official App

As you’d expect, the IOC has its own Olympic — Official App that is aimed at giving you all the latest action from the Rio Olympics event. With this app, users of Android and iOS can get all the schedules, news, results, medal counts, previous records as well as galleries with respect to the Olympic Games. It gets even better as users will still find some video-related content as well as track their most favored athletes, teams and sports.

Rio 2016

Another interesting app to help you follow the 2016 Rio Olympic Games is known as Rio 2016. Just like the previous app, Rio 2016 brings you all the schedules, medal counts, results, as well as all the information you want about various sports, teams as well as athletes taking part in the event. As for those visiting Rio for the first time, this app is probably the best as it also adds things like maps, details about Olympic venues as well as spectator guides. Users will also be entertained by a photo gallery that also includes other events in the city.

2016 Rio Olympic Games

The app is available for download on both Android and iOS devices.

Google and YouTube

Google has the largest following when it comes to web browsing platforms. Many will be using Chrome to search for info about the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. To make things easier and more interesting, the search engine giant will be serving users with customized results with respect to their countries. These include athlete bios, customized alerts, event schedules as well as medal standings. While most of the generated data will be text-based, Google will also provide results full of photos.

As for those interesting in watching videos from the 2016 Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Google will also be providing YouTube links that showcase videos from the likes of BBC and other media houses. With VR seemingly poised to be the next big thing, Google has staged a team of content creators in Rio whose task is to come up with exclusive 360-degree content meant for VR fans.

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