5 Funny Facebook Messenger Chatbots You Ought to Try Out Now

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has the second largest following after WhatsApp as far as IMs are concerned. However, it seems things are just getting started for the former app, especially following this year’s launch of Bots for Messenger platform.

There is no arguing against the fact that chatbots are still in a weird place in terms of development. If anything, many of the current bots on Messenger are only but teasers of what is coming ahead. While a good number of these bots are very powerful and even already useful to some sense, more improvements will be coming in fast. Before these improvements come in, here is a list of 5 funny Facebook Messenger chatbots you need to try out right now.


If strange is the theme, think Shepbot. You will be asked for prayer requests, which can then be published in a public forum for everyone to see. If anything, this involves chatting with bots on matters that you can’t realty share.


Are you ready for a date? Well, if not, 36LoveQuestions is what you should be looking for in Facebook Messenger. The bot will ask you 36 questions to try and tell if you are really in love with this person you are going out with on a date. While some might not relish the idea of having to type numbers in order to get the corresponding questions, it is a good way of finding out where exactly you belong.


Have you ever asked yourself what kind of literature people like Bill Gates read? Well, with ShelfJoy Facebook Messenger bot, you can browse through a list of virtual books that other users read. The bot provides summaries for these books and a direct link to the said selections in Amazon. Cool huh!

Facebook Messenger

Fatherly’s Dad Joke

If you love jokes, this bot will let you grab a very specific one – a joke about dads. Even though the jokes are kind of terrible, you will be entertained by the fact that you can ask as many times as you want until you come across the best that suits your needs.


Gymbot is specific to certain commands – workouts. The bot, like others here, lives within Facebook Messenger and allows users to enter their workout details. It will help with fitness tracking, but there is no any form of encouragement from the bot, for instance, asking you to do more runs in a day. This is because it has no vast built-in intelligence.

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