5 iPhone 6S Features the iPhone SE is Missing

iPhone SE

Apple has finally unveiled the pint-sized iPhone SE, bringing to end months of speculations regarding the phone.

Even though the phone comes to fulfill the wishes of many who wanted a powerful but still small enough phone to fit on a single hand, the phone still lacks in some areas compared to the flagship iPhone 6S. But of course, this is why the phone is priced at a much lower price than last year’s model.

There is no doubt that a lot has been carried over from the iPhone 6S to the new iPhone SE, however, not all of these features are identical in both models. Here’s what you will get with the iPhone 6S and miss out on it with the iPhone SE.

3D Touch

iPhone 6S made headlines when it was released with a pressure sensitive screen feature known as 3D Touch. Before the release of the iPhone SE, it was rumored that Apple will keep this feature for its flagship models only. As it seems, this materialized as the feature is missing on the new phone. To enjoy the Pop and Peek previews, you’ll have to get the pricier iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus, not even the slightly older iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

128GB variant

Apple is targeting developing markets with the introduction of the iPhone SE. As a result, the company has only come in with two storage options for the SE. The base model has 16GB of onboard storage while the upper model only manages 64GB. On the contrary, the iPhone 6S has a capacity of up to 128GB, which is, of course, costlier than the base models. Given than the 16GB iPhone SE costs $399, it is easy to see a 128GB selling for $599, something that would mean the SE is no longer in the mid-range category the company is targeting.

Display size

As mentioned, the iPhone SE is pint-sized. The 4 inches of display it offers are 0.7 inches less than what you get with the iPhone 6S. With smaller screens it means fewer pixels hence the phone only manages a resolution of 1136 by 640 as opposed to 1334 by 750 the iPhone 6S comes with. This even way lower than what the larger iPhone 6S Plus manages, which is 1920 by 1080 pixels.

iPhone SE

The good side of the story is that the view on the smaller iPhone SE is a lot sharper than what you get on the iPhone 6S thanks to the equal pixel density of 326ppi.

High resolution selfie camera

Cupertino tried its best to keep the capabilities of the iPhone 6S inside the smaller iPhone SE. In addition to the processing power, you will also come across the same 12MP iSight camera that comes with the iPhone 6S on this new device. While this rear snapper promises great photography, you won’t enjoy the same when it comes to the front-facing camera. Unlike the 5MP available on the iPhone 6S, the new iPhone SE only manages 1.2MP, which is still great in good lighting conditions.

Fast Touch ID sensor

Apple did a good job taking some of the best aspects of the iPhone 6S and burying them inside the iPhone SE. However, one thing it did leave behind is the Touch ID sensor. The 4-inch phone still carries the old sensor that was used in the iPhone 5S. This means that you won’t enjoy the same speed as what the Touch ID scanner on the iPhone 6S offers, but it is still not bad.

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