5 Reasons Apple iPad Pro is the Ideal Replacement for your Desktop

iPad Pro

The past few years have seen the workplace receive quite a number of changes, especially when it comes to tools of communication.

While the desktop has solely remained to be a mainstay in working environments, it seems Windows desktops have found an even better match in the shape of Apple’s iPad Pro. Of course, a desktop is basically a machine placed on a desk where one sits in front of it to work. To make it complete, it requires that a keyboard and a mouse rest on the table alongside the monitor. Even though the current crop of iPad Pro models has no room for a mouse, you can attach an external keyboard and convert the tablet into a desktop.

Chitchat aside; here is a look at the 5 main reasons as to why you should start considering the iPad Pro as a successor to your current desktop.


When looking at the worthiness of a device in relation to others, performance is a major aspect. In this line, it cannot be denied that the 12-inch iPad Pro is a monster. In a Geekbench test, this device clocked a better figure than what the MacBook Pro managed. In the test results, the iPad Pro had a score of 3231 whereas the MacBook only managed 2546.

In short, the iPad Pro is a better performer than any of the speedier MacBook and MacBook Pro, especially when it comes to handling single-threaded apps. As mentioned earlier, you will have some iOS-based limitations, for instance, no support for a mouse, no external storage and so on.

iPad Pro

A variety of docking and mounting positions

The iPad Pro is a tablet that can easily be converted into a desktop. This only needs you to make use of the numerous add-on gadgets, docks and mounting options the device comes with. You can have the iPad Pro placed in front of your face in a variety of positions in order to get varied display angles, something that cannot be said of the typical desktop display unit.



Even though the iPad Pro lacks the traditional mouse that comes along with Windows desktops, it comes with a nifty addition in the shape of Apple Pencil. With the pencil, the iPad Pro’s productivity levels are pushed to heights that Windows or Mac desktops cannot match. This gets even better for graphic designers, something that might not be equally appealing to, say, a writer. In essence, the availability of an Apple Pencil somehow makes up for the lack of a mouse.

As far as keyboards are concerned, there is really no difference between a modern iPad Pro’s keyboard and that used on a traditional PC. You will also enjoy the quality in the camera of the iPad Pro as opposed to what MacBook and MacBook Pro models have to offer.

Robust app options

Over the years of its existence, the iPad has evolved a lot. A few years ago, it would have been insane to commend the app support the iPad had with respect to accomplishing desktop tasks. However, with most developers moving towards a mobile-first approach, it has seen the iPad gain amazing support from major players in the industry. Today, there are lots of desktop-based apps that are working perfectly with the iPad Pro.

iPad Pro

The iOS niche has a huge number of apps available to users. Even if you don’t find the exact workplace tool you need, chances of bumping into equally matching alternatives are very high.


Most Windows desktops used in the office environment have some of the worst specs. Usually, it is easy to come across desktops installed with only 2GB or 4GB of RAM. Interestingly, this is the same amount of RAM installed on the current crop of iPad Pro, with the 12-inch model packing a 4GB RAM while the smaller 9.7-inch model coming in with a RAM of 2GB.

As far as storage options are concerned, the iPad Pro has a maximum storage of 256GB. This is the same amount you will find on the MacBook Pro while it is also possible to find Windows desktops with less storage space. While desktops have the advantage of bettering this storage space using external options, it is not possible to do this with the iPad Pro.

iPad Pro

If anything, this is the only major way the current iPad Pro loses to the traditional desktop when it comes to office use. Of course, the iPad Pro won’t be capable of completely taking the place of the desktop, but given the mentioned aspects, it is a worthy desktop replacement.

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