5 Secret Samsung Galaxy S7 Features that are Mere Wishes for iPhone Users

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 is currently hailed as the best smartphone on the planet. Well, this is highly debatable, especially when it comes to the iPhone or rather Apple fraternity.

Not all users of Android and iOS devices actually find time to go through all features offered by these two operating systems. However, spending more time with these devices could lead you to massive discoveries buried deep within these platforms. If you enjoy learning something new, there are 5 new things to learn today and these involve Samsung Galaxy S7 and Apple’s iPhone, probably the latest iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, for comparison purposes.

Apple and Samsung are two competing companies and with Google into the fold, it gets tougher for Cupertino when it comes to keeping up with these two tech giants. This can be reflected in the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 and Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow that powers it.

Enhanced power saving mode

iPhone 6S users will revel in the fact that they own one of the best-in-class devices on the planet. However, the same can’t be said of the device when it comes to battery life, especially when put head-to-head with the new Galaxy S7. For starters, the Galaxy S7 has a massive battery unit as compared to the iPhone 6S or even 6S Plus. In addition, users of Samsung Galaxy S7 have the advantage of using two power-saving models.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Other than the usual power saving mode, the Galaxy S7 adds an “ultra” power saving mode that essentially cuts all non-critical functions, thus allowing a device to run for hours longer on a very small percentage of charge.

One-handed operation

Samsung Galaxy S7 has 5.1 inches of display. For some people with small hands, this is still a huge display. Apple’s iPhone 6S is 0.4 inches smaller than the S7, which means it is fairly easy to handle with one hand. But what about the bigger iPhone 6S Plus? While it is easier to reach things at the top of the screen by simply double-tapping the home button, nothing really much has been done to improve one-handed operations.

In contrast, Samsung Galaxy S7 excels at this. Just head to the phone’s Settings> Advanced Features and then go ahead and enable “one-handed operation” option. To make use of the feature, you will need to triple tap the home button and the screen will be shrunk and moved to one corner of the display.

Screen recording

The iPhone 6S has the ability to capture still screenshots, just like any other regular Android device. However, the flagship Samsung Galaxy S7 adds flavor to this still screenshot by allowing users actually record videos of the screen. This is available through Settings>Advanced Settings>Games>Game Tools and enable the feature. Once this is done, you’ll only need to tap once on a floating button to commence screen recording. Cool huh!

Custom shortcuts settings

The iPhone 6S has a control center with shortcuts to features and settings that users can easily access by swiping up. There is no denying that this is a cool addition from Apple, however, there is no room for customizing it. There is no way to remove the timer and replace the slot with something else, for instance.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Amazingly, this is all possible with Samsung Galaxy S7. Just swipe down twice from the top and a settings panel with more options will show up. Here there is an option to edit by rearranging or removing some items in the list.

Notification reminder

Notifications are available on both iOS and Android. However, the latest Galaxy S7 has something more to offer. Unlike with the case of iPhone 6S where forgetting to check out or respond to a notification might be disastrous, the Galaxy S7 has a setting that lets you set a notification reminder such that the phone keeps on reminding you of the unread emails, messages and so on.

To enable this option, go to Settings>Accessibility>Notification reminder and choose the time interval between each notification reminder.

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