6 iOS 10 Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

iOS 10

Apple announced iOS 10 at its annual developer conference that was held in mid-June. While the OS has just seen its second beta seeded, there are quite a number of nifty additions that the company has added to the new platform.

Even though some of these additions are easy to come by, there are some that are hidden and require some effort to find and use. These are some of the best features, but you must first learn where to find them and how to apply them. Without going into other stories, here’s a list of the best 6 iOS 10 tips and tricks that every iPhone and iPad user should take note of before the official upgrade is finally here.

Lockscreen swipe options

The lockscreen you find on iOS 10 is more useful than any other previous version. For instance, when you swipe from left to right, things like music, public transport info, weather and other apps can be accessed. You can also add the apps you want to access via this swipe. On the other hand, swiping from right to left will launch the Camera app. To access notifications, just swipe down.

Raise to wake

The new iOS 10 comes with a feature known as Raise to Wake. Once enabled via the Display & Brightness settings, your iPhone will immediately take you to Notifications view when you raise it from its current position.

Quick Reply

Apple has integrated some really quick ways of replying to messages in iMessage app. Simply double tap on the message and quick responses will show up from which you can pick any.

Collaborate on projects

It is now easy to work on one project with your friends using the Share icon in the Note app. When creating a note, you can tap on this icon to add other people so that you can work together on the Note. This invitation can also be sent via Twitter, email, and other services.

iOS 10

Safari web browser

iOS 10 comes with support for Split View mode, which allows users to open two Safari browser windows side by side. When one window is open, tap the “+” to launch a second tab. Follow this by tapping, holding and then dragging the tab that appears to the right of “X”, thus shrinking the Safari browser window. Drop the second tab that you are dragging to the grey area to open the second window.


You can easily turn your iOS 10 iPhone into a flashlight. All you need to do is pull up the Control Center and proceed by tapping on the torch icon. It gets even better as the updated OS will allow those using iPhone 6S and 6S Plus to enjoy changing the intensity of the flashlight using 3D Touch.

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