6 Must Know Tips and Tricks about WhatsApp

WhatsApp Tips

WhatsApp IM is one of the most commonly used apps across the world.

Though it is one of the most convenient cross-platform mobile communication applications, it still comes with a few possible cons. It is best to scour the app and identify a few tips and tricks to avoid any inconvenience.  Here are a few tips to increase your productivity when using WhatsApp.

  • Hide the ticks! It’s easy now to stop the contacts from knowing their message has been read by hiding the blue ticks. The user needs to access Privacy in the Account through the Settings and disable Read Receipts. And the blue ticks are gone!!
  • No more accidental reading of messages: There have been so many occasions when a WhatsApp message popped up and it was read unintentionally. To avoid any such accidental message readings, go to Settings, then Notifications and then disable Show Preview. This will allow a notification pop-up showing who messaged and not the whole message.
  • Easy reminder for the busy bees: Type in the date, for e.g., 25.03.2016 and get a link to your calendar and create an event for the particular date and time and set a reminder. Though WhatsApp recognizes words like “Today”, “Tomorrow”, etc. it’s best to feed in the date. No more forgetting commitments!
  • OK Google! Google Now is being installed almost everywhere; this is the easiest way to send across a message without having to type. All the user has to do is say “OK Google” and then “send a WhatsApp message to (name)” and then say the message. Google Now does the rest of it.
  • Starred messages: Important messages can be starred for easy viewing later as per convenience. Open the conversation and long press the message, tap the star icon and the message will be saved in “Starred messages”. These messages can be viewed later in the “Starred messages” upon clicking Settings.
  • Chat Mute: It is very annoying to be a part of a group conversation wherein you are not interested at all and receiving notifications every few minutes might be even more irritating. It may rather be rude or might offend some people to leave a chat or a group abruptly. WhatsApp offers a very good way to avoid this. You can simply mute the chat and stop receiving notifications from it. Click on the group info of the particular group and then MUTE by selecting the time from the options.

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