6GB RAM, 128GB Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Variant to Cost Over $900

Samsung Galaxy Note7

Before the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 this past week, reports were adamant that the phone will come with a monster RAM and onboard storage that has never been witnessed before.

There were rumors that Samsung will include a RAM of 6GB as well as onboard storage of up to 256GB on the Galaxy Note 7. However, these did not materialize as the company instead came in with a Note 7 that has 4GB of RAM and onboard storage of 64GB.

Now, following the announcement of this curved dual-edge variant, reports surfaced from China that a new variant of the Galaxy Note 7 was being lined up for a release in specific markets, especially China. Smartphone manufacturers in this country and Asian region, in general, have gone crazy with RAM capacities. We already have a number of handsets from China already using 6GB RAM, with the most common one being the OnePlus 3.

Last year, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 did not include a microSD card slot, instead, Samsung packed it with up to 128GB storage. With this in mind, it won’t be a surprise if the South Korean tech giant went for the same with respect to the Galaxy Note 7, but this time, this high-end unit will also pack more RAM, which is the previously rumored 6GB. The 128GB variant of the Galaxy Note 5 was not sold in all markets, which could also be the case with respect to the 128GB/6GB variant of the Note 7.

Galaxy Note 7

There is even newer news coming in with respect to the same Galaxy Note 7 variant. Apparently, the phone will get a slightly higher price tag than the already pricey 4GB/64GB variant. With the launch date believed to be August 26, folks in China will have to part with more than $900 in order to get their hands on this phone. The standard Galaxy Note 7 will exchange hands in China from the regions of CNY 5688 or approximately $850.

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