Over 70 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Units in the U.S. Have Reported Overheating Issues

Galaxy Note 7

Just recently, Samsung issued a statement urging current users of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units to seek for a replacement unit from where they got the phone.

This news comes as a shocker to Samsung as the company was hopeful that the Galaxy Note 7 will continue the successful streak that had been set by Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. Earlier this month, the South Korean tech giant came in with details regarding the number of units that had to be recalled. Back then, there were only 35 units of the Galaxy Note 7 that had been reported to have overheating issues. However, the latest reports point towards double this figure, but surprisingly, it is just in the U.S. alone.

The 35 units that had been reported as at September 1 were actually covering the entire globe, however, the figure has doubled for cases reported in the U.S. This is a huge problem for Samsung as it looks to keep up with the new iPhone 7 Plus – a phone that comes with lots of unnoticeable updates as compared to the iPhone 6S Plus.

iPhone 7 Plus vs. LG V20 vs. Galaxy Note 7 vs. Google Nexus 6P

Samsung recently went into close contact with Health Canada as it looks to take care of the Galaxy Note 7 issues. As a result, the Canadian government has released a statement saying that over 70 units of the handset have been reported with overheating issues in the U.S. Despite the numerous cases that have been reported in the U.S., Health Canada says that the North American country has only seen one such case.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was unveiled on August 2 and started shipping a couple of weeks later. Even though the phone comes with a one-of-a-kind design, top-end hardware specs and premium features such as an iris scanner and an enhanced S-Pen, the issues surrounding its overheating battery has meant that those who had already bought the unit return it for a new Galaxy Note 7 or opt for any of Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge. Still, Samsung shouldn’t have any problem with serving those who want a full refund instead.

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