A Leaked Photo of Samsung Galaxy S9 Reveals a Lot About the Flagship

A Leaked Photo of Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is the big gun that the company is about to unveil in a couple of months and it will set a new benchmark for Apple iPhone X and the next Google Pixel in 2018.

While there is still a lot of time to go for the official launch, the leaks just wouldn’t stop as something or the other comes out much earlier before the developers could talk about. The latest leaked photograph of the Samsung Galaxy S9 seems to give away almost everything about the device including its specifications, ports and the type of camera used in the model.

This time, it is not the usual Twitter personalities who gain access to the smartphones much earlier than the rest of the world. Rather, a case maker has leaked the S9 in all its glory and confirmed that the infinity bezel less display which people loved in the S8 is returning back to the newest flagship model. But, it is not without its fair share of upgrades so as to make it a true innovation next year and stay on par with the competitors.

Samsung Galaxy S9

A drastic change can be spotted in terms of the rear camera placement. Instead of the design and placement found in the Galaxy S8, the designers have opted for a dual camera setup which are arranged vertically and will provide the similar telephoto lens in one while another camera captures the image to provide the coveted bokeh effect. Google Pixel 2 phone has already managed to set a new benchmark by offering DSLR quality pictures without relying on a dual camera setup and also managed to acquire the best DXOMark scores.

For companies like Samsung and Apple, it may take some time to switch from the existing dual camera design and move to a single camera that offers kickass performance. After all, they might have invested big with multiple partners and it is not possible to instantly change the technology to compete with Google or Huawei in terms of camera performance.

Another big change which is spotted in the Samsung Galaxy S9 is the fingerprint scanner. As requested by majority of their users, the company has finally moved it to the center of the phone so that it is easier to hold and unlock the phone. Previously, it was located very close to the camera and one has to struggle a lot in order to touch it to access the device. Similarly, the heart rate monitor and the flash modules are altered to a different position.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Reveals a Lot About the Flagship

In the leaked photograph of the phone, users can also find that the Bixby button that most don’t prefer to use find its way to the smartphone. The button will allow you to access the voice assistant but it doesn’t add much value to the phone. It is now placed right below the volume rocker buttons while the power button is on the right side of the smartphone.

Luckily, Samsung is still sticking to the 3.5 mm audio jack and they don’t have any plans to remove this important port like their competitors did. Some believe that the phones don’t need the headphone jack and people can always use an adapter to use it on their devices whereas a large group of the population believe removing the universally accepted port doesn’t make any sense as products are still being made with the set standards.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 sounds like a very promising flagship model which is expected to be officially announced at the Mobile World Congress 2018. The design may undergo some changes before the final reveal.

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