Action Launcher 3 Update Brings Quickpage, Unread Badges and Scrolling Dock Pages to the Free Version

Action Launcher 3

One of the best things about Android is the fact that users can easily play around with the appearance and general experience of the entire operating system.

One way of achieving this is through the use of launchers. With this application, you will be able to change the appearance and feel of your Android phone, thus adding more fun to it as far as using it is concerned. Action Launcher 3 is without a doubt a great application for this purpose. In fact, it is one of the most used launchers when it comes to Android world, boasting millions of downloads from all over the world.

The developers of Action Launcher 3 have now pushed out the latest update for the month of December. Like you’d expect, the updated version brings a bunch of new features, performance improvements as well as bug fixes to issues in the previous version. All these are aimed at making Action Launcher 3 even much better.

One great feature that has finally made its way to the free version of Action Launcher 3 is Quickpage. This feature used to be part of the Action Launcher Plus package, but the developers are now bringing it to the free version via the latest update. Quickpage is a handy home screen that comes with support for widgets and can be accessed anytime by swiping from the right-hand side.

Another feature that is also coming to Action Launcher 3 is the unread badge support, but unlike the handy Quickpage feature, this one remains exclusive to the Plus version of the launcher. Users will also be able to enjoy the new ability in scrolling dock pages, but this is not the end of the update.

Action Launcher 3

Those who will be moving to the Action Launcher 3 will be happy to see a few design changes as well. The new launcher now comes with rounded icons that try to mimic what we see on Android Nougat. Users will also be happy to learn that support for Quicktheme is now on board – this means you can now customize the color of the page indicator, infinite dock as well as home screen scrolling. You also get fresh page indicator styles to go with the new version.

Action Launcher 3 is already available for download via the Google Play Store and you can feel free to jump into action with this new version.

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