Adobe Flash Player – Enhancing Experience for Developers and End Users

Adobe Flash Player

The latest version of Adobe Flash Player is the 22 version, also known as Townsend. It is a beta version as of now.

The Adobe Flash is a runtime program that allows businesses to offer a rich experience to users over several touch points. Using the Flash Player, it is possible for content to move more efficiently from the browser to a standalone application or a native OS, reaching users on various devices. The runtimes all have one common codebase, so it makes it easy for game developers to reuse the code for 2D and for 3D games offering a quality similar to game consoles. It is a cross platform app runtime enabling perfect viewing of apps, content or videos on various browsers and several operating systems.

Flash Player 22 Features

The new beta release offers additional features and enhancements along with some bug fixes, connected with the security and performance as well as stability and enhancements for device compatibility.

Support for Video/Camera

Earlier, while using video for Stage3D, it was necessary to use Video object, copy the video frame on BitmapData and then load the data to the GPU, making it more intensive on the CPU. Next, Video texture had been added, allowing the use of videos that were hardware decoded in content pertaining to Stage 3D. In case of the latest 22 version, the video texture object has been added similar to StageVideofor supporting NetStream as well as Cameras. These textures are used in the form of source textures in the stage 3D rendering of a scene. The use of hardware acceleration minimizes the CPU used and enhances overall performance.

Adobe Flash Player 22 version

Other Enhancements

There are not many bug fixes, but some might appear during the final version of Player 22. Many of the new features are connected with developers, but some of them are also focused on users.

Normally, Flash makes use of Appdata or Roaming directory for storing information, such as logs and so on. This could create problems in case the directory is located in the network, as is the case in an enterprise office. The latest beta version offers mms.cfg, which is a configuration file that users can access for changing the directory for storing information.

Uninstalling and Installing

The new 22 beta version drives the innovation offering a rich and engaging digital experience. It brings in all new features for a cross platform experience in rich apps, content, videos and offers access to the runtime for Windows PC environment and for Mac OS. It is a beta version released on May 16th 2016. However, the technology is only in the beta stage and not the final stage, so it must not be used for any work that is mission critical. It is important to uninstall other earlier versions of the Flash Player before users install this beta version. You can also revert to the earlier shipping version whenever you wish.

If you have the Flash Player installed on the device and have enabled automatic updates, it is normal that the new version gets installed when its final version (not beta) gets released. However, you can move one step ahead and install the beta version.

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  1. It’s the month of May in the year 2016. Flash is dead. Even Adobe knows it, AND EVEN THEY are recommending migration to HTML5.

  2. I like the additional support in this version for video and camera that the hardware acceleration has provided. Great information, thanks for sharing!

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