Amazon Fire HD 10 Tab all Spruced Up to Appease Plastic Critics with New Aluminum Incarnation

Amazon Fire HD

Part of a Larger Ecosystem

 The Fire HD 10 was launched in September last year and was lauded for the slimness. It is only 0.30 inches and has an excellent battery life. Though it may not offer the best value in the market today, it has unique features that make it a part of a bigger ecosystem. The On Deck feature can queue up the popular programs on Amazon, so that users can play it offline. In addition, the Underground storefront offers discounted applications and games and other in app purchases. Another feature is Mayday, connecting users with a support specialist to help you with issues using remote control. The X Ray offers highlights of surfaces trivia while watching a television show or a movie from its Instant Videos library.

Unorthodox Re-launch

It is not often that a tablet is re-launched with a new finish, but Amazon has decided to do this without increasing the price. The new aluminum variant can be purchased at $230 for the 16 GB version and for $260 for the 32 GB one. The company has also decided to take this opportunity for adding a bigger storage version, a 64 GB version to be had at $290. But the processor continues to remain the same so the owners of the previous version of Fire 10 need to not feel cheated or disappointed on that count.

New Incarnation

The Fire HD 10 tab from Amazon looks all spruced up with an additional option in silver aluminum metal. The price of the new option is not different from previous incarnations. Apart from the new color option, it also offers another storage option of 64 GB. However, this storage is available only for the new aluminum shell. Amazon Fire HD 10 Tab

Other Features

Apart from the storage factor and the shell color, nothing else has changed in the new version of the HD 10.The screen remains the same at 10.1 inches and a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, with a resolution of 149 ppi. The processor is a quad core and it has a RAM of 1 GB, with Dolby Atmos, speakers and a camera of 5MP/1080 pixels.

Silver Aluminum Version

 The new Silver Aluminum version can be bought at Amazon US and UK as well as DE, along with the site’s local versions. The previous versions of the HD10 had a cheap finish, with a flimsy rear in plastic. However, Amazon has wisely decided to fix the issue with its latest version swapping the plastic back and replacing it with a new metal-aluminum shell.

Competitive Specifications

The price is reasonable for a tablet that comes with 10.1 inches screen at a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels and a quad core processor, 1.5 GHz. It has Dolby calibrated speakers and a 5 MP rear camera. Other specs include a microSD card slot for expanding storage and a battery that is capable of offering juice for a full eight hours. Those who are interested in buying the new all metal version of the Fire HD 10 can get it at Amazon.

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