Samsung Galaxy Note 6/7 Launch News Reports – Is Samsung Skipping a Digit?

ew Samsung Phablet Note 7

Next Big Release

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge have been hugely successful and sales have been rising for Samsung. The two devices redefined all the missing aspects of the S5, such as the support for microSD and the waterproofing feature. After this success, the next big release from Samsung is being awaited, namely the Note 6. It may possibly skip this number and be called the Note 7.

Note 6 or Note 7 

The Note 3 was launched in 2013, the Note 4 in 2014 and the Note 5 in 2015. Seeing this sequence, it follows that the Note 6 should be released this year. However, rumors have it that Samsung is planning to skip the number six. This is because it probably wants the Note devices to by synchronized with its other devices, the S7 and the S7 Edge, launched earlier this year.

Evan Blass Tweets

@evleaks has reported that the Note 6 or the Note 7 from Galaxy  will be launched during the first few days of August this year. Evan Blass, a veteran at @evleaks tweets that the launch is “exactly two months away”. This points towards a release on the 2nd or the 3rd of August. Earlier, the same source had shared a tweet saying that the release would be around August 15th. There have been many rumors till now regarding the release of Samsung’s new phablet. One of the latest rumors also say the phablet will come with dual main cameras. As the leak comes from Even Blass, it offers more credibility to the rumors and the date of the release.

What to Expect

Last year, Samsung came up with a big screen for the S6 Edge Plus, but this year it doesn’t seem likely. It is possible that Galaxy will announce a variant of the Note Edge. Another thing to wonder about is the kind of slanted screen on the phone. Is it likely to be like the one on the Note Edge or is it going to be more design specific, as the one in the S7 Edge.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Expected Specs

According to latest rumors, the new Note 6 or the Note 7, as the case may be, will come with a RAM of 6 GB and will have a USB, Type C, which will replace the previous micro USB connector. There is going to be a dual camera at the rear and it will come with waterproofing features. It is also expected that the device will come with a Gear VR, Headset having USB Type C port. In the present version, the Gear VR is connected to the device using the micro USB port.

The display as well as the battery is expected to be bigger than the Note 5. The upcoming device will have a display of 5.8 inches, compared to the 5.7 inches of the previous devices. The rear camera will have a resolution of 12 MP, which is the same as the ones seen in the S7 and the S7 Edge from Galaxy. Other camera features include an IR autofocus. The RAM will be 6 GB and it will have 32 GB storage with a battery powered at 4000 mAh. The software supporting the device is the upcoming Android N. Exynos 8890 along with Snapdragon, 823 chipset, powers the phone. It will offer resistance for both dust and water.

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