Android Auto Gets OK Google Voice System Finally – Big Omission Now Rectified

Android Auto

Android Auto has finally received the support of a voice system, the OK Google.

Android Auto was launched two years back and offered a decent level of functionality. However, it seemed to be rather a beta kind of offering, as some important features were missing.

OK Google Missing

Android Auto Gets OK Google Voice System

The important feature missing in Android Auto was the hotword, OK Google. The hotword is present on all Nexus phones and Pixel ones, as well as in Android wear smartwatches, in the apps of both iOS and Android as well as in home gadgets like Google Home. The Android Auto is a product that has been created so that it does not distract the user while driving, so it should certainly have come with a voice option that keeps the user’s hands free.

New Setting

There is no official announcement from Google as yet regarding the latest feature, but it has started appearing for certain users. neo5468, a Reditt user, was among the first ones spotting the feature and has posted a screenshot of the new settings.

New Version 2.0.6427

The support for the hotword is seen in the Google application and not on Android Auto application. Users can find it under the ‘While Driving’ option, where it says that the feature works in Android Auto as well as Google Maps. Though the checkbox was present even earlier, the mention of Android Auto is new. The latest version of the application for Android Auto is the 2.0.6427 and users must have this version for enabling the Google OK feature. However, there are no other prerequisites except this one. Though the component on the side of the server must also be enabled. If the feature does not work, users have to wait for the support to be rolled out to their accounts.

Better Late

Users were beginning to wonder whether the OK Google hotword would ever be available for the Android Auto app. The demo of the feature was made at the I/0 held by Google in 2016, but that was about six months ago. The integration of Waze was also demonstrated and it is still not part of the application. The development of Android Auto seems to show a very slow pattern, as there are plenty of regulations around car information systems. The app has existed for about two years now and 2.0 update can be considered as the first important update for the interface, bringing the interface to mobile phones as well.

Android Auto

Easy Wake Up

Just as with your mobile phones, the Android Auto application now offers support for the hotword in order to wake up its interface that is voice controlled. The voice settings offers a toggle and users can set up the way they want the OK Google hotword working on their device. Prior to the release of this feature, the toggle for ‘While driving’ only offered a list of Google Maps. Once the update is received on your phone, users can see Google Maps as well as Android Auto being listed.

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