Android N Developer Preview: Which Android Devices are Compatible?

Android N developer preview

Google’s Android N developer preview version was released a few weeks ago in what is an earlier-than-usual release of the OS.

Another thing that the company has also availed to the Android community is an Android Beta Program where users can now download and install a beta version of the OS before it is publicly released.

With the news of the availability of the Android N developer preview version gaining traction, many are now wondering whether they can have a test of the new OS on their devices. Unfortunately, Google has limited the developer preview to a number of devices that is largely composed of its own line of Nexus smartphones and tablets.

If you own any of the latest Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, you are good to go. In addition, those who own a Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Nexus 9G, as well as a Nexus Player, can also get this new Android N live on their devices. The only non-Nexus device to feature in the list of devices that can run the new Android N developer preview OS is the Pixel C tablet. In fact, Google has opened up a promotion that will see any developer that wants to test the new Android N using the company’s Pixel C tablet buy the device at a discount of up to $150.

Two ways to download Android N developer preview

There are two ways you can get the new Android N preview version installed on your Nexus or Pixel C device. The first will involve the use of Android N images that can be downloaded and installed manually from the Google servers. Make sure you are fully aware of this process before going its way because it needs a lot, including backing up your device before carrying on with the new installation.

For those who prefer easier and hassle-free things, Google has one for you too. The Android Beta Program mentioned earlier is the easiest way to get the new Android N on your Nexus device. All you need is to sign in to the program and after that you can get the OTA version as long as your device is compatible.

Android N developer preview

The Android N update is more than 1.1GB in size and as such, the time it takes to complete this download will depend with the speed of your connection. Make sure you are using a Wi-Fi network unless your mobile data package is unlimited. Taking this channel will also give you access to automatic Android N previews that are to be released in the coming months.

Since this is a beta version of Android N, expect some errors and bugs in the software. In addition, be warned that this version is meant for the developers’ world and not the consumer end, so, make sure you install it on a device you aren’t using on a day-to-day basis.

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