Android N Release News for Samsung, LG, Motorola and Other OEMs

Android N

Android N is now over a month old since it was first unveiled for developers. The OS, however, is only available for those using the latest Google Nexus smartphones and tablets as well as the Nexus Player and Pixel C tablet.

It is was unusual for Google to unveil the Android N developer preview this early as traditionally the first beta version usually makes its way to the developers through the Google I/O event, which is slated for May 2016. However, there are reports arising with claims that Google might soon avail this developer preview version to other devices other than the currently-supported ones. In short, the Android beta program may soon find its way to Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, Sony and even Xiaomi smartphones.

In case this materializes, it will be the first time a beta version of Android OS will be making its way to a non-Google device. The HTML code discovered, however, asserts that this firmware is headed to Google’s partner OEMs. It’s hard to believe this since manufacturers such as Samsung, LG and Motorola tweak almost every bit of the OS in favor of their devices’ functionality.

Android N

With this in mind, there are new reports emerging with claims that Android N preview might be availed to devices running on a near-stock version of the OS. Smartphone OEMs have been working hard to trim the amount of bloatware that comes along with the stock Android OS, with Motorola being slightly successful at this. As a result, the reports claim that the Lenovo-owned brand might be considered as far as Android N preview is concerned. However, nothing has been confirmed with respect to Samsung, LG, HTC, Xiaomi and even Sony, among other smartphone makers; something that is being associated to their heavy customization skins that come running on top of the stock OS.

If all goes according to speculations, those using Motorola’s Moto X series may be able to get the Android N developer preview in the next few weeks. This, however, cannot be confirmed in any way at the moment.

Top Android N features

When Android N is here, there are quite a number of features that you can expect. While some will be upgrades to last year’s Marshmallow, there are some news ones as well. For instance, the ability to multitask, reply directly to notifications, as well as the bundled notifications’ feature.

Android N

Google is expected to shed more light on Android N when it holds the I/O 2016 event in May.

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