Is Apple Boring? Here’re Details of iPhone 7, 7 Plus and MacBook Pro 2016 that’ll Excite You

iPhone 7 and MacBook Pro 2016

The Apple of five years ago is not the same Apple of today. The company has turned from being revolutionary into some sought of an evolutionary OEM, something that has even seen the iPhone sales for the past year plummet.

In the first quarter of 2016, Samsung topped U.S. smartphone sales’ charts with its newest members – Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge – helping the company towards achieving this milestone. In a bid to counter this downfall and recapture its position as the top smartphone seller in the U.S., Apple has planned for huge announcements in the coming 6 months of 2016. The big happenings will not just be affecting the mobile world, but also the PC world as well.

iPhone 7 Plus (Pro) with dual camera system

Apple is expected to unleash the successor to the iPhone 6S Plus this coming September. Some reports claim that Apple will drop the Plus name in favor of Pro as far as the 5.5-inch iPhone is concerned, but while this remains to a lesser concern in this case, the big news is the fact that the phablet will for the first time in Apple’s history come with a dual-lens camera setup on the rear.

iPhone 7 and MacBook Pro 2016

Dual camera setups are increasingly showing up in 2016, with the LG G5 and Huawei P9 already using such modules. According to 9to5 Mac, Apple will be adding a second iSight lens on the rear of the iPhone 7 Plus. With such a module, there are several possibilities being opened up here – be it creating more room for wide-angle shots or maybe allowing for more detail in the resulting shots. All in all, having a dual-lens camera setup will be a huge welcome for those looking for the best photography as far as smartphones are concerned.

There are reports that Apple will not shake up the design of the new iPhone 7 Plus in relation to last year’s iPhone 6S Plus. The story is the same as far as the smaller iPhone 7 is concerned, but the same report also adds that the 4.7-inch variant of the new phone will also come with a larger camera.

MacBook Pro 2016 to feature OLED display

In addition to the huge expectations from Apple with respect to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Cupertino is also expected to refresh the MacBook Pro lineup with a 2016 version. Apparently, the latest rumors claim that the high-performance laptop will be lighter and thinner than the previous version. In addition, there are suggestions that the physical function keys will be replaced by an OLED display touch bar. Further rumors add that the OLED touch bar could probably be contextual where buttons will also be changing with respect to users’ movement between apps.

iPhone 7 and MacBook Pro 2016

If you are a fun of USB Type-C ports, the 2016 MacBook Pro will come with Thunderbolt-3 USB Type-C ports, something that should be welcome news for many fans.

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