Apple iOS 11.2 starts rolling out, brings faster wireless charging and bug fixes, but Apple Pay Cash isn’t activated yet

iOS 11.2

Apple has just released a new iOS 11.2 and it’s rolling out as at the time of this writing. This brings the second major update to iOS 11 and it comes only a month after the first major update was released, but in between the two, several smaller updates with bug fixes have also been released.

As long as your device is eligible, which includes iPad Mini 2 and above, iPhone 5S and above, 6th-generation iPod Touch and iPad Air and later, you can download and install the new iOS 11.2 right away. To access the update, head to Settings>General>Software update.

iOS 11.2 is a major update

As noted, the new iOS 11.2 is a major update, which means many iDevices users should be expecting new features and functionalities alongside the usual bug fixes. This, for sure, is the case. Even though the update brings the new Apple Pay Cash, a service that allows for peer-to-peer payments, it’s not yet activated.

The entire list of 2017 iPhones, which is topped by the iPhone X, is also getting a nice treat courtesy of the new iOS 11.2. After the update is installed, these phones will get a new and faster 7.5W wireless charging technology, which is without a doubt a much needed upgrade over the slightly slower 5W wired adapter.

Users of the iPhone X are also getting a new interface that adds a small bar just below the status bar icons in the top-right corner of the lock screen. This addition is meant to make it easy to locate the Control Center gesture, which is accessed by swiping down from top of the handset. As for the rest of the devices, the Control Center gets two info pop-ups that show up when using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi toggles, explaining that either is disabled on a temporary basis and not permanently when accessed via the Control Center.

There is also something new for the dedicated TV app, which gets a new Sports section that allows users to enjoy live sports by integrating with the ESPN app. The sports section can be accessed via a new Sports tab located on the lower end, where you get custom content tailored to meet your team preferences and the prevailing sports seasons.

As expected, the new iOS 11.2 also brings a bunch of bug fixes and performance enhancements, among them are fixes for the date bug that resulted in constant crashing for users of iOS 11.1.2, animation bug that caused issues with the Calculator app and more. Also, the update brings some tweaks to the camera emojis, a new animation in the Live Photos as well as Live wallpapers for those using the iPhone X.

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