Apple iPhone 2017 Edition to Imitate iPhone 7s with Vertical Dual-Camera and 5-inch Display

iPhone 7 Plus

Apple is planning to expand their iPhone models in 2017 with three different devices.

While the other two will be similar to the iPhone 7, a third model will feature a 5-inch display with vertical dual camera setup.

Apple iPhone 2017

The information emerges from multiple sources in Asia and the first one to report it was a Japanese supplier Macotakara. While such sources may not be fully reliable, the possibility of the revamped camera in the phone sounds credible. The upcoming model will sport a compact yet large enough 5-inch display. It will still be powered by the same processor as the iPhone 7.

A big upgrade that Apple fans could look forward is the dual vertical camera setup. The concept is similar to the ones found in the iPhone 7S. However, this time the company is bringing it to the smaller phones including the 5-inch model. While most cameras are horizontal in smartphones, the brand is about to make them vertical for better performance. We are yet to know the type of technology that will be incorporated in this model.

Instead of replacing the current lineup of 7 and 7S models, the tech giant is working on adding a refreshed lineup of phones until the iPhone 8 variant is ready for launch. The 5-inch phone is a long running rumor as it was already leaked by an online report this October. Another report claimed that the company does have plans to increase the screen size to a massive 5.8-inch display.

With their plan to expand the lineup with three new models, these varying screen sizes could be part of the Apple iPhone 2017 editions. The pricing and availability of the devices are yet to be confirmed. However, it is obvious that company will launch them much earlier so that the iPhone 8 could be announced towards the end of 2017.

Apple iPhone 2017 Edition

Apple has planned some great upgrades and design changes for the next generation model including an OLED screen, all-glass bezeless display with finger print sensor mounted on the touchscreen. They may get rid of the home button completely if technology allows them to do. Meanwhile, the gap between the launch will be filled with these intermittent announcements and the 5-inch model is expected to be available in stores as soon as possible so as to clear stocks before the big iPhone 8 is announced. The camera performance will determine how far this revised version impresses its buyer base.

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