Apple iPhone 7 Ditches the 16GB Variant and Reintroduces the 32GB Model

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The launch of every Apple product, especially the iPhone, has always been the most awaited event.

So the launch of iPhone 7 also is expected to be every exciting. However, the evidence says that’s not the situation. Widespread rumors report that the new iPhone will not be having many interesting changes, but it will garner controversies. Although, there is new information that it might still be worth flaunting and will be a crowd-pleaser.

While the latest models are going to be shipped with new features like the 3D Touch and Apple Pay, the major issues for the iPhone users still seem to be the basic stuff like storage and battery life. The former is finally getting an improvement.

Storage Changes for iPhone 7

The latest update about iPhone 7 hints towards the much-required change with regard to storage. Reports by analysts claim that the tech giant will introduce the base model as a 32GB variant at a price of $199.

Tech analysts have made these reports evident on the Chinese social media. These reports claim that Apple will be giving up on the 16GB variant and will be reintroducing the 32GB variant as its base model. Currently, Apple is marketing iPhone devices that come in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB variants.

Apple iPhone 7 32 GB

Apple’s fans were expecting the 32GB model to be launched last year itself. However, Apple continued to keep selling the 16GB variant as its basic model. The 16GB variant was first introduced in the year 2008 and it has been the base model since the launch of iPhone 5 in 2012. Without a doubt, the 16GB storage space is almost equal to negligible in today’s times where most of the memory space is taken up by the media files on the smartphones. With a rapid increase in the app culture and with a 4K video recording capacity, the switch from the 16GB model to the 32GB base model makes a lot more sense in more than one ways.

Reports further claim that the new iPhone 7 will be having a RAM capacity of 2GB which is similar to the iPhone 6s. Previous rumors suggested that the RAM capacity might be ramped up to 3GB in its larger model that is 5.5 inches and is designed to accommodate the set-up for a dual camera.

Though several reports have been leaked that claim the introduction of the 32GB variant as the base model, the analysts have failed to mention about the other storage variants that will be accompanied close at hand. There are rumors that Apple might add a 256GB storage variant to the iPhone 7. However, all this information is a shot in the dark and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Apple has planned of releasing three variants of the iPhone 7 by this year. They are the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7Pro/Plus Premium models. It should probably run on the iOS 10, with a new A10 processor. The bands for antenna might probably be shifted to the edges and the 3.5 mm audio jack may also disappear.

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