Apple iPhone 7 Plus Finally Receives Portrait Mode Through iOS 10.1

iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode

After several weeks in beta mode, Apple has finally made the portrait mode official on the Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

The dual camera setup in the rear of this phone has been one of the standout aspect, but users have been unable to take much advantage of this feature so far. Even at its launch, Apple said that the portrait mode would be available as a software update only at a later stage. The time has now for the portrait mode to be made official throughout the world as iOS 10.1 finally brings this much awaited feature to the masses.

iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode

Up until now, the portrait mode was only available as a developer-only option while others were given a warning that the results may not be good since it was still in beta stage.

Launched just over a month ago, the Apple iPhone 7 Plus has been one of the popular smartphones in the market. Compared with previous generations of Plus devices, the current generation model has been able to garner a significant chunk of the iPhone sales. Users have been able to go beyond aspects like the familiar design and no improvement in terms of the display in order to experience a smartphone that has some serious computing power and one the best cameras around.

The standard Apple iPhone 7 does not come with a dual camera setup, but it already has been revered as one of the best cameras in the market today. As the ability to take portraits – with the blur effect at its best – now comes to the Apple iPhone 7 Plus, there is little doubt that the 5.5-inch device will take the crown from here on.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus iOS 10.1

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus is significantly faster than the previous generation devices due to the new A10 Fusion chip. There is also 3 GB of RAM on board which means that there is no reason for apps to refresh even after several new ones being opened. Apps refresh after being removed from the RAM in order to provide access for newer apps, but it is no longer a problem on the new device.

Furthermore, the new iPhone 7 Plus also has one of the best batteries around at least in terms of providing extended usage. Of course, it may take more than a couple of hours to fully charge the battery, but the 2900 mAh capacity gives excellent usage times.

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