Apple iPhone 7 Rumors, Specs, Design, Leaks and All You Need to Know

Apple iPhone 7

Rumors on Design and Size

The web offers plenty of rumors and news about the upcoming iPhone 7, its specifications and the release date. It is likely to be released in September this year. It is touted to have a faster Touch ID, a full waterproof design in a unibody metallic glass. There will be three variants, the 4 inches version; the 4.7 inches version and the 5.5 inches one. There is also the possibility of a 5 inches version, integrating the iOS 10 for all the versions. The new phones will be shipped loaded with the Apple Pay feature as a default one.

News on Specifications

Regarding the specifications of the upcoming iPhone 7, there are three display sizes as mentioned above. The standard version will ship in 2 GB of RAM, whereas the other two versions will come with 3 GB of RAM. The premium phone will have a dual camera and its battery capacity will also be better, combined with A10 chipset.

Leaked Image

A recent image of the to be released iPhone 7 showed a glass metallic unibody with the same dimensions as the models existing now. It was also noticed that the antenna lines were on the top and bottom parts of the phone.

Images to Offer Greater Clarity

The image also showed an additional hole seen between the dual LED flash and the camera hardware. It is probably the microphone, with rumors having it that the new phone comes with noise cancellation features on its microphone. Another wild rumor going around is that the additional hole is for the laser autofocus, so that the phone camera can focus more quickly and efficiently. When such a module is integrated in the phone, the images get more clarity when taken in dim light.

iPhone 7

Smart Connector

Another rumor floating around is that the premier version of the phone will come with the smart connector feature. This feature allows the users to connect with a smart keyboard (Apple). A recent image leaked by @OnLeaks showed a Smart Connector on the iPhone 7 Plus. This port is similar to the ones seen on the iPad Pro and the iPad Pro 9.7. However, the image does not show the bottom portion of the phone, so it is not possible to conclude whether there is incorporation of the 3.5 mm headphone jack. It is surmised that the headphone jack will be removed and it will come with stereo speakers.

Major Overhaul Expected

However, all that we have to go on now are unofficial images and rumors. The information does offer some expectations to users. The 6S from Apple did offer new 3D Touch, but otherwise it was almost the same as the iPhone 6. It was natural that there was not much change, as Apple only makes a major overhaul after two years. The major overhaul is now overdue with the upcoming iPhone 7 and so there are a lot of expectations of a big change, in the design as well as the features.

The phone will only arrive by late 2016, but we have collected the latest information from the web to allow you to have an inside view of what you could expect from the iPhone 7.

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