Apple iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 – Ultimate Camera Showdown

Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera Comparison

Camera is easily one of the biggest improvements made on the Apple iPhone 7, which seemed like a muted improvement over the predecessor – at least on paper.

Apple now offers the f/1.8 aperture lens on the iPhone 7 which is a big step up from the f/2.2 lens seen in the iPhone 6S. Yet, it is just managed to be triumphed by the Samsung Galaxy S7’s camera which is slightly larger f/1.7 aperture. In real life, though, it is the iPhone 7 camera that manages to outperform the Galaxy S7 camera in almost every regard.

Apple iPhone 7

In the last few years, Samsung has been top of the mobile phone camera fight even though the iPhone was the closest competitors. Images from the Samsung smartphones may not have produced the most accurate color combination as it was largely oriented towards saturation, they have been able to get the better of the iPhone on more than one occasion. The same cannot be said of the fight between the Galaxy S7 camera and iPhone 7 camera. The latter is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

One of the reasons for the Apple iPhone 7 camera being superior to the rest is potentially the A10 Fusion chipset. While the iPhone 6S only offered a dual core processor, the iPhone 7 makes a big jump to the quad core range with this processor. So far, Apple has been able to go about its business with just a dual core processor due to the highly efficient closed operating system that is Mac OS. The quad core processor on the new phone, though, seems to provide the iPhone 7 with a lot of capabilities in terms of processing power.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera

Apple reportedly claims that post processing is one of the primary reasons behind the new Apple iPhone 7 producing a better quality of pictures than the Galaxy S7. Apparently, this new chipset can make 100 billion computations every second while also managing to stay efficient with regard to its power usage. All these factors have contributed to the Apple iPhone 7 receiving an incredible amount of interest over the last few weeks. The absence of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as the viable competitor could also have had a difference, but even the recently launched Galaxy Note 7’s camera cannot come close to the quality offered by the iPhone 7 camera.

Other improvements on the new device include better white balance and the ability to focus faster.

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