Apple iPhone 8 Could Offer Two of the Most Awaited Features

Apple iPhone 8

The Apple iPhone 7 seemed more like an incremental update over the previous generation phones, as it did not bring a lot of new technologies to the plate.

The design being carried over from the previous generation was also a major disappointment for Apple fans. However, it seems that the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 may be a step in the right direction for the company amidst falling sales of the smartphone. It is heavily rumored that the Apple iPhone 8 would come with wireless charging capabilities for the first time.

Apple iPhone 8

Several smartphones running on the android operating system have been featuring this technology for quite a while. Even though wireless charging may have suddenly gone off-line due to the interest surrounding fast charging, it is ultimately expected to be the default way of charging smartphones in the future. Apple has been heavily criticized for ditching old technologies rather quickly, yet they seem to be persistent with their idea that wireless charging is not yet suitable for the iPhone range. Apple’s manufacturing partner has reportedly started testing on wireless charging modules and it still remains to be seen if it will make it to the iPhone 8.

There are also heavy rumors that the phone could make a significant change in terms of the display. The Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus did not make any significant changes to the display apart from featuring a wider color gamut. The availability of technologies like AMOLED and OLED panels makes the IPS panels on the iPhone 7 look primitive in many regards. The OLED technology seems to be receiving a lot of love from Apple in recent times. It is heavily rumored that the iPhone 8 could become the first smartphone from Apple to feature OLED panels.

iPhone 8 Features

One of the major criticisms of the Apple iPhone 7 was the omission of the 3.5 headphone socket. Even though it is still possible to connect the older headphones with the iPhone 7, the user needs to carry around a lightning adapter all the time and it is also quite easy to lose the $10 accessory. At a time when Apple has been facing heavy criticism, the company could actually redeem themselves by offering wireless charging on the next iPhone. It would mean less wires to carry around, thereby making life simpler. The current generation Apple iPhone 7 cannot be connected through cables to the new MacBook line-up without the use of adapters.

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