Apple iPhone 8 to Feature an On-Screen Home Button, iOS 11 Reveals

iPhone 8

Apple just dropped the biggest hint yet about the iPhone 8. A lot has been said about the phone, but as usual, the company is always the best when it comes to keeping secrets about its upcoming products.

Well, it appears that this year will be slightly different; if at all what iOS 11 tells is to be believed. Not so long ago, the company unveiled this new OS and from what it looks, the OS has one of the biggest clues about the possible design of the iPhone 8.

We expect to see lots of design changes when the iPhone 8 comes around later this year and while a lot of what we know so far is based on rumors and leaks from non-Apple sources, the latest comes courtesy of the company itself. iOS 11 has a new Do Not Disturb When Driving feature that reportedly comes with a new icon for Siri. This icon seems to be a perfect replacement for the iconic Touch ID button that Apple is reportedly planning to remove on the upcoming iPhone 8.

The pseudo Home button that was first discovered by Apple Insider can be seen at the bottom of devices installed with the new iOS 11, be it an iPhone or iPad, and it appears directly above the standard Touch ID. What makes this even more valid is the fact that it takes the same size and shape of the physical button, but of course, it doesn’t support fingerprint authentication as with the case of the Touch ID.

There’s talk that the upcoming iPhone 8 will feature an in-display fingerprint scanner and if anything, this could just be the first major hint at what Apple is working on.


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