Apple iPhone 8 Featuring Edgeless OLED Screen But No Curves, iPhone 8 Rumblings

Apple iPhone 8

There are rumors about the Apple iPhone 8 featuring an edgeless OLED screen display, but it may not come with a curved design.

According to Wayne Lam, an HIS Markit analyst, through MacRumors, the display screen design of the iPhone 8 will probably have a flat design, similar to the one on the iPhone 7 of 2016.

Apple iPhone 8

Flat Design

According to Wayne Lam, it is expected that Apple will continue with its flat OLED design on the iPhone 8. This is similar to the present iPhone 7 2.5D, design in glass. An OLED screen itself will be the first of its kind for an Apple iPhone. There were also rumors in early March that the company is testing the technology on its device, both the curved versions and the flat versions.

Curved Display Unlikely

There are some reports, however, claiming that the iPhone 8 will come with a curved display. However, Wayne Lam’s statements cannot be discounted completely. To support it, recently there was a report in Macotakra stating that Apple has not yet finalized the design and the features from the prototypes for the iPhone 8. Combining the bits of information, it can be concluded that it is rather too early to conclude or assume that the iPhone 8 design will come with a curved display design.

Biggest Upgrade

Whether the iPhone 8 will come with a curved display or a flat display is uncertain. However, what is certain is that the iPhone 8 will surely bring in one of the biggest upgrade cycles in the history of Apple’s iPhones. It is sure to shatter all other smartphone sale records.

Users of the iPhone have been longing for a new form and Apple will be delivering this with the edgeless OLED screen. This might suffice to please fans and it is not necessary that the iPhone 8 must also come with a curved display.

iPhone 8 Rumblings

There are also other improvements expected to be present in the Apple iPhone 8. For instance, there are rumors of features for improving the battery life and abilities for wireless charging. The iPhone 8 will also probably have a better IP68 rating offering protection against water and dust. Siri will be improved and it will have facial recognition features as well, along with many other additions.
iPhone 8 Edgeless OLED Screen

Augmented Reality

There are also rumors that the iPhone 8 will incorporate interesting augmented reality. Tim Cook of Apple has been discussing this feature and its incorporation and has stated that AR could have an impressive impact on smartphones of the future.

The Downside

However, the downside regarding Apple’s iPhone 8 is that the smartphone will be coming to stores some time after September. Fans and customers are used to an iPhone release in the month of September. The mass production of the iPhone 8 will only begin in September this year, so the launch date could be delayed to October or it could also move to the early part of November 2017.

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