Apple iPhone 8 Leaks Show Radical Changes: Shaking Up the Design

It seems there will be some radical design changes in the iPhone 8, Apple’s flagship phone for 2017.

After the latest rumors, a more consistent image is emerging with regard to the iPhone 8 and the changes to be expected. Apple seems to be having truly ambitious plans for its upcoming flagship release.

Radical Changes

It looks like the iPhone 8 will come with a 4 mm bezel. The fingerprint sensor will also continue to remain at the front of the phone, though this is not yet confirmed. Gordon Kelly of Forbes states that the striking aspect of the new leaks is that Apple will be integrating the smartphone’s fingerprint sensor beneath the display of the iPhone 8. Along with this, the same integration will also be incorporated for the front camera and the proximity sensors seen on the upper part of the phone. This will prove to be a radical change.

Leaks and Renders

The new iPhone 8 might also get a different name. Benjamin Geskin, who creates renders or illustrations for new phones, has obtained the latest schematics based on the leaked pictures of the iPhone 8, with the renders based on its shown below:

iPhone 8 Leaks

Plan B Less Ambitious

According to Geskin, the model shown above has already started entering a limited amount of production for the purpose of testing. However, the problem seems to be that Apple is preparing several models of the iPhone 8 smartphone. There is also a Plan B, which is less ambitious. This is in case the new technology involved in the radical new designing is not ready in time for production en masse within the given time period. The fallback option is present in case the radical design does not succeed.

No Confirmation

The leaks are not confirmed, so no conclusions can be firmly made till we see Tim Cook on the state with the new iPhone 8 in his hand. However, the pattern that is emerging does seem to be very exciting.

Function Area

For instance, Ming Chi Kuo, another specialist in Apple leaks, spoke about the function area in case of the iPhone 8. This is similar to the Touch bar seen in the latest MacBook Pro. This will involve the removing of the phone’s physical home button as well as the bezel at the bottom.

4 mm Bezels

Practically speaking, a 4 mm bezel all around the iPhone 8 would make it more durable if and when it is dropped. This can be seen when considering the bezelless sides of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus. A 4 mm bezel all around the smartphone will offer a new benchmark.

Apple iPhone 8 Leaks

Bigger Display

There are also leaks that the display of the new iPhone 8 will be 5.8 inches. This will be bigger than any other iPhone so far and Apple seems to be fixed on this issue.

However, as mentioned before, there is a lot of time till the release of the iPhone 8 and nothing can be said for sure.