Apple iPhone 8’s Wireless Charging Could Truly Be Revolutionary

Apple iPhone 8

The rumors surrounding Apple iPhone 8 have been growing by the day even though it is only a few weeks since the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus hit the markets.

The primary reason may be the lack of any headline making feature on the iPhone 7 range apart from the dual camera setup. Furthermore, the company are also reportedly set to go big with the iPhone 8 in terms of features as it would mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. There have already been reports of Apple making huge orders for the OLED display panels, which may be replacing the IPS panels finally.

Apple iPhone 8

Apple fans have been requesting for the display on the iPhone range to be revamped. Apart from the introduction of the retina display technology several years ago, significant improvement has to be made in terms of resolution, display panel technology, and even screen size. Apple has not been able to offer more than 4.7 inches on the base iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus features a 5.5-inch screen. Comparable phones of the same size, however, feature much larger screens simply because of a better screen to body ratio.

However, one of the biggest elements on the new iPhone 8 could be the charging technology. It has been rumored for quite a while that the iPhone 8 would offer wireless charging. Fresh details have emerged on the technology which could be a game changer in the smartphone segment. It is reported that happy is working on the possibility of embedding a transmitter on the iPhone 8 that would allow the phone to be charged when it is placed within 15 feet of the charger. It would truly be the best form of wireless charging.

iPhone Wireless Charging

As of now, wireless chargers have largely relied on induction technology with the phone being charged when it is placed on a dedicated charger. Disadvantages of this technology are that charging is rather slow – especially in comparison with today’s Quick Charge 3.0 or dash charging. The iPhone 8 is expected to address these elements while becoming truly mobile when it comes to charging.

Since the latest generation of the iPhones came out only recently, it may be awhile before the rumors can be taken more seriously. In the past, however, rumors about the iPhone have turned out to be true largely because of the leaks from suppliers of parts for the phone.

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