Apple iPhone SE Battery Life is better than Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S

iPhone SE

The year 2016 is still very young, but there are already plenty of talking points with respect to the smartphone industry.

Samsung and Apple have already started the year with Galaxy S7 and iPhone SE respectively. These two companies form one of the fiercest rivalries in the tech world and not it seems Apple wants to take it down to the last minute.

Cupertino has previously been “scared” of the developing world given that its premium-looking devices were only meant to appeal the developed world. However, recent market trends have proved otherwise, with China and India, among other regions, emerging as key markets for the American smartphone maker.

Apple now has its own mid-range device in the market in the shape of iPhone SE. Although it’s small in nature and more affordable than any other iPhone with similar capabilities on offer, the phone appears to be the best in one major area that has become a huge concern for all smartphone owners – battery life.

iPhone SE battery life vs. the rest

As things look, battery life is going to be a key difference that comes between the small-sized iPhone and a number of other expensive alternatives, including the iPhone 6S and the newly released Samsung Galaxy S7.

When put under stress tests with respect to screen brightness, the Wall Street Journal reports that the new iPhone SE withstood up to 8 hours. When compared to the iPhone 6S, the smaller phone exceeded last year’s model by up to 2 hours. Usually, screen-on time and wireless connections are considered as two of the biggest battery hogs for smartphone users.

iPhone SE

When compared to the Galaxy S7, the iPhone SE bettered the former by more than 3 hours. The Galaxy S7 comes with a screen size of 5.1 inches compared to the 4 inches of the iPhone SE. In addition, the Galaxy device uses QHD Super AMOLED technology, which is considered better at battery management than the IPS LCD used on the iPhone, however, tests show otherwise.

Despite being better with battery life, the screen of the iPhone SE is considered inferior to the iPhone 6S. It is smaller in size and contrast, has less resolution and lacks the 3D Touch feature. Other than these, the new iPhone comes with almost everything that is packed in the iPhone 6S, including the latest A9 chipset, support for Apple Pay and a 12MP iSight camera on the rear.

The iPhone SE is already available for preorders starting from $399 for the base model.

One thought on “Apple iPhone SE Battery Life is better than Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S”

  1. It doesnt matter if se battery is better than s7 and 6s battery. The matter is that they all are bad. None of them can work the time what people want. This is caused by not new technology. As you see everyone is not happy with their batteries for several years but producers dont care. They do and do new gadgets with bad batteries. If they would invent new technology – we wouldnt have battery problems now. When someone says that there are no better technologies – this is a total lie. You can find many examples in Google, like batteries which are charging themselves in seconds made by NEUTRINO INC or technologies which allow smartphones to be charged in 30 seconds – this technology was made by StoreDot. So there are technologies which are completely better than todays, but producers will not use them since people buy their new gadgets with bad batteries all the time

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