Apple iPhone SE Making Life Harder for China’s Huawei and Xiaomi

iPhone SE

Apple is the second leading seller of smartphones all over the world, with Samsung leading all the way. However, recent times have seen these two leaders for the first time feel threatened by competition coming from China, especially from the likes of Huawei and Xiaomi.

In fact, the people of China have come to know Xiaomi as the “Apple of China” thanks to its iPhone-like designs. On the other hand, Huawei’s excellent designs have seen it land a deal with Google with respect to last year’s Nexus 6P. Even though these two companies are the leading players in their home country, it seems the introduction of Apple’s iPhone SE, which happens to be the cheapest ever iPhone at launch, is making these two companies uneasy.

Last year Huawei outshone Xiaomi by selling 108 million devices as compared to the latter’s 70 million units. The two are looking to better these figures as 2016 starts to take shape, however, it seems the road might be a little bumpy this time, especially with other players such as Vivo and Oppo already in the market.

The iPhone SE was announced last month and it is currently available for preorders in China. The pricing of the phone makes it an interesting option for anyone who has been dreaming of trying out the iOS niche. With China a major target for smartphone makers, iPhone SE has turned out to be just what consumers in this region have been waiting for. In recent revelations, the pint-sized iPhone managed to attract up to 3.4 million pre-orders in China, something that should be of great worry to both Huawei and Xiaomi.


iPhone SE

China has more than 300 legally registered smartphone manufacturing companies as of this writing. However, market analysts believe that most of these OEMs will be out of work by the end of 2016. With players such as Apple and Samsung still dominant in the region, local players might find it even harder to attract more and more users to their platforms.

The iPhone SE brought back Apple’s 4-inch display size after two years of absence. In addition, the phone is more than just a mid-ranger as it packs some of the latest hardware you can find on Apple’s iPhone 6S, among them the A9 processor and rear camera as well as 2GB RAM. However, you won’t find the 3D Touchscreen technology that has made the iPhone 6S such a success in its less-than-a-year period of existence.

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  1. LOL no its not. iPhone SE is the laughing stock of the smartphone world. With the same look and feel of last last year’s iPhone 5S and worse specs than the 6S this thing is a joke at its asking price. Most people make it the punchline of their insults against any of the worth mentioning smartphones on the market especially Samsung and Xiaomi.

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