Apple iPhone SE to Sell for $450 as iPhone 5S Price Drops

iPhone SE

Apple iPhone SE will be released next Monday, latest reports can attest. The same event has been long rumored to be used by the company to also release a smaller iPad Pro, but very few details have been leaving Apple’s “info safe”.

While the rumors have been rife that the new iPhone SE will come with a 4-inch screen size in a bid to replace the ageing iPhone 5S, there has been nothing with respect to the pricing of this phone. Expected on March 21, the SE will take care of the mid-level earners who can’t shell out the hundreds of dollars required to own an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus.

According to Apple Insider, Apple will want to price the iPhone SE at a point where people living in upcoming markets such as India and China can also get a chance to own this prestigious iOS device. If all goes well, the iPhone SE will cost just $450 or maybe less, meaning that the iPhone 5S will have officially been replaced.

Speaking of iPhone 5S, the minute the newer iPhone SE is announced will spell a decrement in the price of this mid-range smartphone. The iPhone 5S will now trade at a price of less than $350, but other market analysts claim that Apple could slash the price of this device by up to half, bringing it to the regions of $250. This might be a way for the company to “discard” its excess stock inventory with respect to the iPhone 5S while at the same time creating room for the new device – iPhone SE.

iPhone SE

Pricing the newer and more advanced iPhone SE at $450 or lower might just be an indicator that Apple has begun embracing the developing markets. Ideally, the American company has been targeting established economies with its pricey products. Now that it has begun pushing into other markets such as India and China with products like Apple Pay, the need to have a pocket-friendly iPhone SE was inevitable.

Possible changes in iPhone SE pricing

Last month, Apple officially announced that it will be discontinuing the sale of the older iPhone 4S and iPhone 5C in India. Experts believe that this move is intended to create room for the next iPhone SE. If this is true, then it might be hard to for Apple to price the new phone at $550 as suggested by Recode.

It even defeats meaning to price the iPhone SE at $550, yet the phone is not expected to come in with some of the features considered revolutionary, for instance, 3D Touch, among other latest hardware specs.


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