Apple Music Makes its Way to Sonos Speakers

Apple music

Apple Music subscribers who also happen to own the Sonos speaker will from today be able to natively access the streaming music service, a new report has revealed.

Sonos went further to confirm this report on Re/code, pointing out that the integration will go live starting 9 AM Eastern Time. This development comes after close to two months of beta testing the Apple Music program on Sonos speakers.

The obvious here is that both Apple and Sonos were satisfied with the results of the tests. These words have been echoed in Apple’s SVP of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue, statement, saying that “the feedback from Apple Music subscribers on Sonos [during the beta tests] has been great.”

The combined ecosystem of Apple Music and Sonos provides an amazing listening experience in your home, something that Apple is very excited to offer to all users of Sonos speakers beginning Wednesday 10.

Multiple speakers streaming from mobile and PC app

Sonos Controller app has versions for Apple’s list of mobile devices that include iPhones, iPod Touch as well as iPads. The app can also be installed on Mac and Windows PCs as well as Android phones. Once installed, those with several Sonos speakers distributed in their homes or offices will be able to simultaneously stream Apple Music to these devices.

You will be able to access a decent list of Apple Music features on this application, among them My Music, For You, Radio, New as well as an entire music catalog accessible via the app.

Apple Music and Sonos integration

Apple is late as usual, but it never disappoints

Apple has had the trend of being among the last to come in with major developments, innovations, and features; but the end result is always the best. The same is also happening with the integration of Apple Music with Sonos speakers, with powerhouses such as Spotify and Pandora already on the device.

In addition to these, Apple Music will also face completion from its arch rival Google (Google Play Music), Deezer, Tidal and many others. Nonetheless, the iPhone maker has finally gone through with what many have been waiting for over half a year now.

Apple seems to have found a partner it can rely on when it comes to publicizing its streaming music services, especially given that the application is still very young in the industry. Just recently, Cupertino unveiled the Apple Music for Android app as another way of spreading the reach of this service to more than just Apple users. There is no doubt that this integration will help push up the growth of Apple Music.

Sonos CEO John MacFarlane thinks that the new integration with Apple Music will only but add to the many people who listen to music from streaming services via the company’s speakers. “We have discovered that as owners of Sonos speakers discover newer streaming services such as Apple Music, they use the locally stored music on their PCs and phones less and less,” MacFarlane told BuzzFeed  in a 2015 interview.

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