Apple Offers Fix for Touch Disease Problem in iPhone 6 Plus – Touch Disease Gets a Fix

iPhone 6 Plus Touch Disease

Apple has offered a repair program for the iPhone 6 Plus for the problem of touchscreen failure in some of the devices.

Touchscreen Flaw

Apple has accepted that there is a flaw affected touchscreens of iPhone 6 Plus, whereby the feature fails in some of the 6 Plus devices. The problem could be caused in case the device is dropped several times, according to the company.

iPhone 6 Plus

Multi Touch Repair Program

Apple has announced the Multi Touch Repair program to solve the issue in some iPhone 6 Plus devices on the 17th of November. The company stated that some of the said devices could show a flickering in the display or present issues related to multi touch features, if they are dropped many times on hard surfaces or if they incur more stress.

Fixing the Issue

According to the statement issued by the company, the users of such affected devices could get a fix on payment of $149. This is in case the screen is not broken or cracked and if it is still in a working condition. In case of users who have already made payments to get their phones repaired for this problem, they can contact the company directly.

Touch Disease Fixed

The problem has been termed as a Touch disease and it has been followed in the ifixit.or website since August. However, according to the consumer site, the issue of the flawed touchscreens does not pertain to only devices that were dropped. The site claims that the issue has been caused due to some flaws in the structural design of the iPhone 6 Plus. The problem is similar to the ‘bendgate’ problem, wherein some of the devices were found to bend when users carried it in small or tight pockets. The site asks the company to admit to the cause of the problem and extend warranties for the phones, so that users of the flawed device can get it repaired without making any payment.

Thousands Affected

A lawsuit that was brought about in the month of October this year claims that there were thousands of such iPhone 6 Plus devices that were affected with this problem. The suit is aimed at accusing the company of hiding a defect in the material, which has caused the touchscreen to be unresponsive.

iPhone 6 Plus Touch Disease

Lawsuit and Claims

The lawsuit describes the issue in detail for several iPhone 6 devices. It includes the issue faced by Thomas Davidson, a resident of Pennsylvania, who found this problem on his iPhone 6 and was not able to use it within 2 years of buying it. The lawsuit claims that the touchscreen of the device was unresponsive and the user went to the website of Apple Care around the 24th of August this year. He realized that a charge of $320 would be required for replacement or for service of the said phone. Thomas Davidson refused to make this payment and has stopped using the phone since then, due to this touchscreen problem.

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