Apple Pay Expands to France and Hong Kong – Where Next?

Apple Pay

Apple Pay has been here since 2014, but it has yet to reach the entire globe. The latest regions to receive support for this mobile payment system are France and Hong Kong.

It is not the first time Europe and Asia will be seeing Apple Pay. The service is already available in other countries in these continents, including the UK and China, respectively, but their unveiling in France and Hong Kong shows Apple’s intent to have its service in almost every part of the world.

According to the French website that deals with Apple Pay, the service will be compatible with VISA and MasterCard credit and debit cards. But as for now, not so many institutions are on the list, with the only major names being Ticket Restaurant, Carrefour Banque in addition to Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne, the latter being an assemblage that features the country’s second largest banking group.

As for credit cards, there is more support coming from the likes of Boon and Orange, but this is not currently available. Their support is listed as “coming soon.”

As for those living in Hong Kong, you will be able to use Apple Pay with the likes of American Express and the usual MasterCard and VISA credit cards issued by HSBC, Hang Seng, Bank of China (Hong Kong), Standard Chartered and DBS. Those listed as “coming soon” are HKT and Bank of East Asia.

France and Hong Kong join Switzerland in recent regions to receive support for Apple Pay, with the latter having received the service early this month. In the U.S., the service has already hit the road up and running, with all four major credit cards in the country supported. But with competition in the country getting tighter with the arrival of Android Pay and Samsung Pay, Apple has no choice but to seek for a greater presence in other markets.


At the time of this writing, France has a good number of retailers ready to offer Apple Pay services. These include Cojean, Bocage, Total, Sephora, and Eram, among others. There are also those listed as coming soon, for instance, Galeries Lafayette and Boulanger. In Hong Kong, you can find Apple Pay services at 7-11, Wellcome, Mannings, Sa Sa, Pizza Hut, and Jasons Food & Living, among others.

Apple Pay will also be supported on a bunch of apps that include SnapTee, RedSol, HBX, Homeaway, Deliveroo, Klook and Cathay Pacific Mobile. At this year’s WWDC, Apple promised two things about this mobile payment service – it will expand to three more regions in the summer and that Mac users will also be able to use it via Safari web browser. The former is done, let’s wait for the latter.

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