Apple Set to Launch Smaller 10.7 Inch iPad Pro

AppleiPad Pro

As Apple gets up to launch the Apple iPhone 7 in three different models according to several rumors, it seems that the company is also working hard behind the scenes to come out with new versions of the iPad.

Latest rumors indicate that the iPad, which has had a significant drop in sales, will be offered in three versions as well. However, it seems that the American tech giant is likely to refrain from offering a new design and a spectacular array of features on this upcoming iPad. Instead, these aspects are to be kept in the store for the 2018 iPad.

The 2018 iPad would feature models like the iPad Pro 3. Following the success of the Pro lineup, it is rumored that Apple is set to launch a smaller version of the iPad Pro with a 10.7-inch screen. At present, it is available only with a 12.9 inch display. Offering a 10.7-inch size will also bridge the gap between the standard sized iPads, which have a 9.7-inch screen. It will also help lower the cost of the iPad Pro 2. These tablets are set to take only a handful of features from the upcoming iPhone 7, which is said to be launched in the first week of September.

Apple iPad Pro

AMOLED display has been a much awaited aspect on the iPhone and iPad range, but one will have to wait until the next generation iPad before seeing this feature. The iPhone range is also set to offer OLED displays from the 2018 model onwards. Leaks and rumors suggest that the upcoming iPhone 7 is unlikely to offer anything significant apart from the dual camera setup. This would be a major disappointment and will do little to help the fall in sales of the iPhone range. Apple is under even bigger threat when it comes to the iPad range.

The company is aware that a significantly has to take place in its lineup if further fall in sales is to be prevented. It is expected that theupcoming iPads will have the Apple A10X chipset on-board. However, the 9.7-inch model is expected to miss out on this processor and will only have the A9X chipset. Still, it is not a major disappointment since the A9X currently does its job in the iPad Pro 9.7. Prices of the upcoming iPad is expected to be largely similar to the current generation.

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