Apple set to take on Google Pixel 2’s Now Playing feature with the purchase of Shazam


With the launch of the Google Pixel 2, the tech giant also unveiled a new always-listening feature dubbed Now Playing.

The Now Playing feature is meant for identifying music that is being played in the background and in turn use this information to display the song on the Google Pixel 2 so that users can easily see the song currently playing. When the music is playing, Now Playing will display the song’s name and artist and the best part is that the feature still works even when offline and no data is sent to Google. Sounds familiar?

If this doesn’t ring any bells, well, you are probably living under the rock. Before Now Playing, smartphone users have always depended on Shazam for the same purposes. With Shazam, users can easily identify songs and artists, movies, commercials from short audio clips and even TV shows. As it is, Apple has just acquired this service in a deal worth $400 million, Recode reports.

There’s no way Apple is going to give Shazam a different role from what we have always known the platform for. If anything, you can expect it to get even better, perhaps with the integration into Apple Music, where iPhone users can similarly identify songs playing in the background alongside the artists’ names, among other things, just like what Now Playing is offering Google Pixel 2 users.

Shazam’s music and sound recognition capabilities have already been integrated with Apple Siri, but with this acquisition, you can expect this integration to get even deeper in the iOS world, which draws further similarities with what Google is doing with the Pixel 2 smartphones. With Apple looking at AR as the future over VR, the visual recognition technology and AR platform that Shazam already boasts are also an interesting prospect for Cupertino.

It’ll be interesting to see what Apple is planning to do with Shazam. As for the deal, it should be finalized in the coming weeks.

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