Apple to Launch a 10.9-inch iPad Pro with Curved Edge-to-Edge Display

Apple iPad Pro

Some expected to see new iPads launched at the same event as the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but this did not materialize. Instead, new reports are pointing towards a 2017 debut for new slates, probably around March, the sources can confirm.

The report comes from Barclays Research analysts, who are of the belief that Apple will be making a complete overhaul of the iPads in 2017, debuting a 10.9-inch iPad Pro version alongside the usual 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch models. This is not the first time news of Apple working on a larger iPad Pro model has come out, however, it is the first time they are mentioning a 10.9-inch display size. In the past, we’ve heard talk of a 10.1-inch model while some even pointed towards a 10.5-inch variant.

If you thought the idea of having a new 10.9-inch iPad Pro is interesting, wait until you hear about the supposed design of the tablet. According to the analysts, the slate will come with an edge-to-edge screen that is also curved. This could also mean we get to meet an Apple iPad Pro that has no bezels. There won’t be any changes to the physical size of the tablet, but the removal of bezels will mean more display screen.

Apple iPad Pro

In case this comes to life, it is possible that the 10.9-inch iPad Pro will come without the physical home button or the Touch ID. Does this sound any familiar? Well, Cupertino has been rumored to be working on the same design as far as the iPhone 8 is concerned. Latest reports claim that the phone will come with both the Touch ID and front-facing camera embedded into a curved edge-to-edge screen.

If Apple announces the 10.9-inch iPad Pro with the rumored bezel-less display, it would increase anticipation among iPhone 8 lovers as it would be a confirmation that indeed the flagship will come with this design change. However, keep in mind that this report is not from Apple and as such, anything is possible.

We’ll be here to update you on the latest news, rumors, leaks and speculations regarding not just the 10.9-inch iPad Pro, but also the 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch tablets as well as the iPhone 8.

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