Apple TV’s NBA App Gets Brand New Interface, Score Updates and Better Navigation

Apple TV NBA App

After what seems like a hiatus, users who love NBA and own an Apple TV can finally enjoy a game of basketball with the best possible experience.

A long-awaited update for the NBA App on Apple TV has finally been rolled out. While it is a painful wait for the users, it looks like the developers were well aware of what people needed and integrated a whole lot of content into it. Right from the brand new interface, to the ability to see score updates, better navigation and push notifications, there’s more than just one reason to be excited about the app and what it could do to your overall experience.


Whenever there is a new app available in the app store, it should have some basic features and an easy to use interface so that people would actually be interested in downloading it. The NBA app on Apple TV had a huge backing from a game loved by millions that led to its instant success. Despite the great opening, it didn’t offer all the features and capabilities to offer an engaging experience. If you are a good developer, you should probably know how to promote your app to the audience but the team behind this app failed to deliver at first.

However, it is surprising and delightful to see how good the NBA app looks now. The update was not rolled out when the 2015-2016 NBA season began which was so disappointing. It was the same that was available on Apple TV 3 and was simply transferred to the Apple TV 4 without any changes. A lot of people questioned the team about a possible update but change has arrived in the form of the NBA league pass app.

An intuitive and extremely useful feature that we should point out is that you will now be able to watch any live game on the app while being able to check scores of other games. It might sound simple but when there are multiple teams competing at the same time, it becomes a convenient and essential feature to use. A lot of users wanted it ever since the new Apple TV was launched and it’s finally here.

App navigation is now much better. The league has made it smooth, seamless and the placement of various content is easy to read. Ardent fans who use the app can quickly glance at best highlights to watch, top 10 plays from past games and standings. They are being offered under different categories in the new interface.

Apple TV NBA App

Apple TV users don’t have to lift a finger as the NBA league app will automatically update itself to the new version, as confirmed by leading mobile app website, App Advice. The app still lacks some nice features like live tune-in to allow users to instantly jump in to watch a match, using voice commands. But, it does serve its purpose for now and provides a whole lot of information at a glance without having to navigate to different screens. We hope the developers add them in their next update.

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