Apple Watch 2 May Debut Alongside MacBook Pro 2016 at the Upcoming WWDC

Apple Watch 2

The Apple Watch is now approaching its first anniversary following its debut on April 24, 2015. With this in mind, the web hasn’t been short of rumors regarding a refreshed version of this device.

Dubbed the Apple Watch 2, the refreshed version of this wearable is expected to come alongside the rumored MacBook Pro 2016, all of which are to be announced during the upcoming WWDC event. The Apple Watch 2, just like with the case of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, are only but rumors. However, these rumors have been gathering momentum and as of now, there seem to be something cooking up as far as Cupertino is concerned.

Reports are rife that Apple will introduce a dual-camera setup in the phablet iPhone 7 Plus, with other rumors pointing to a third device known as iPhone 7 Pro, which will reportedly carry the dual-camera system. According to renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the next iPhone flagship will start production as from July in readiness for a September release.

No major design changes

While the iPhone 7 will be getting refreshed, the Apple Watch 2 will also be getting its own, but this wearable might see an earlier release during this coming June’s WWDC 2016 event. According to the latest reports, Apple is set to continue with its obsession for thinner devices, this time trimming the thickness of the Apple Watch by 20-40%.

With the new Apple Watch 2, expect to get new hardware, but with fewer alterations as far as the design is concerned. In essence, what we are looking here is an “S” model of the Apple Watch, which basically comes with improved performance specs, a better battery, and upgrades to last year’s features.

Apple Watch 2 rumors

Claims are that the Apple Watch 2 will be similar in looks as its successor, but it will feature a larger battery size as well as better display capabilities. While there are no official shipment numbers for the current gen Apple Watch, Kuo believes that Apple has already shipped the north of 10.5 million units.

The Apple Watch 2 was expected during the release of the iPhone SE, but this did not materialize. Current sources are pointing to a June 8-12 release date, but Apple might also choose to unveil the second gen smartwatch alongside the upcoming iPhone 7 later on in September.

Given that Apple cut the price of the Apple Watch by $50 a few weeks ago; it is possible that the Apple Watch 2 release date might be near. This is true because OEMs usually reduce prices when preparing for the release of new products as a way of clearing up old stock.

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