Apple Watch has a New Feature for Calling 911 Without an iPhone

Apple Watch 2

The Apple Watch has been here for over a year now and while expectations are high that Cupertino will be refreshing this wearable this year with a new Apple Watch 2, the company has been busy with curving in new features for the first adopters of this device in a bid to attract even more buyers.

While previous wearables have always been known to work with the help of a smartphone, Apple wants to eliminate this dependency as much as it can by making the Apple Watch an independent gadget capable of handling more than you can expect. Of course, many developers have been coming in with standalone apps for the Watch, apps that allow using the smartwatch without looking over to your iPhone.

What if you are an athlete trying to work out with the help of the Apple Watch? Do you still to bring over your iPhone during your routine runs? One might argue that with the worryingly unsafe world we live in at the moment, it is best practice to always have a phone with you in order to communicate to loved ones or even the authorities in case something happens to you while on your morning jog, for instance. Well, this is the best part of the Apple Watch. The device has a new feature known as SOS and if you are one of those who didn’t see the need for having a wearable, this feature might just make change your mind.

Apple watch

Courtesy of watchOS 3, users of the updated Apple Watch will be able to make automatic 911 calls by simply pressing and holding the hold button on the side of the watch for a period of about 3 or so seconds. As a control measure, Apple has included the ability to cancel the call within 10 seconds in case the dialing happened accidentally. When the call is done, your current location will be sent to your chosen emergency contacts regardless of whether they are using iMessage or not.

Wearables are mostly used for health and fitness purposes and if the Apple Watch has been helping you monitor your runs, you are sure to be safe in case something happened to you when doing the runs. This feature will also be very helpful in cases of any other emergencies one might be involved in.

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