Apple Will Completely Remove Touch IDs in 2018 iPhone 9 Models

Apple Will Completely Remove Touch IDs iPhone 9 Models

Apple wants to be the pioneer in the smartphone industry and with courage, they managed to remove one thing after the other.

The 3.5mm headphone jack was first which was adopted by all top smartphone manufacturers later.

Now, the company has already removed Touch ID on their iPhone X models. However, the button remains on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 variants. According to latest sources, Apple has decided to completely get rid of the touch ID buttons on their iPhone 9 or possibly whatever the name of the phone is when it gets released in 2018.


Why Remove the Touch ID?

The reasons are many because in order to make phones slimmer, bezel less and most importantly easy to use leads to a lot of traditional features being removed. It won’t be long before smartphones get all Bluetooth headsets and no ports to charge, relying solely on wireless charging technology.

Getting rid of the extra clutter caused by wires is whatmost smartphone manufacturers are aiming to achieve in the near future. Removing the fingerprint sensor is another step towards achieving that sci-fi world that people have only seen in movies so far.

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“The level of security provided by Face ID is much higher which is one big reason for Apple iPhones in 2018 to ditch fingerprint sensors permanently. Besides, it allows them to provide an immersive experience with full-screen display and also promote AR applications which is considered to be more user friendly than VR,” commented Ming Chi Kuo, a security expert from China.

Apple Will Completely Remove Touch IDs

The technology that allows smartphone manufacturer to embed touch ID sensors within the display is not far behind. It will make things easier for designers to focus more on the overlook look and features and not feel constrained by the presence of multiple buttons on a smartphone.

Apple was possibly the first company to launch Touch ID button back in 2013 with the iPhone 5s and later became a common trend in all Android smartphones. These days, even the cheapest phone of them all has this button. Now, it’s time to move forward with newer technology and lesser ports which will once again be pioneered by none other than Apple iPhones.

Another rumor suggests Samsung Galaxy S9 which will get launched in the first quarter of 2018 will ditch Touch ID first and integrate the secure system on their AMOLED display for easier access.

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