Apple’s Future – Bezel Free Phones with Sensors Integrated in iPhone

Apple Future Bezel Free Phones

The next generation Apple iPhones will probably be bezel free and even slimmer.

Apple has recently attained a patent for integrating the ambient light sensors in the display, which means that the additional space around the display is no longer necessary.

Light Sensor

Apple Light Sensor

The light sensor in the phone allows the system of the device to know the amount of light hitting its screen at a time. This is why most of the latest smartphones, including the iPhone, is capable of adjusting the screen brightness. Users can, therefore, read without wasting more battery than necessary and without blinding themselves as well.

Sensor Placement

The light sensor is usually placed in the front of the phone laterally, but the new patent could mean that the company, Apple, is attempting to place the sensor within the display or under it. According to AppleInsider, the technique can be useful for proximity sensors, thereby eliminating the bezel around the phone altogether.

More on the Camera

In related news, the new design from Olloclip offers the iPhone 7 lenses that are interchangeable. However, there is a downside to the relocation of the sensor, as a part of its touch sensitivity felt on the display screen pertaining to that specific area may be absent. This will make it operate like the first gen touch phones, where only one part of the display will be touch interactive or sensitive. However, only a very small portion of the screen will be affected by the inactive display.

Apple Future Bezel Free Phones

Based on the new patent, it can be inferred that the inactive portion of the screen display can be used for showing other information, such as the battery life that is remaining or the time, etc.

Edge-to-Edge Display

If Apple is able to accomplish this feature and reduce or completely eliminate the bezel, the company can offer smartphones with edge-to-edge screens. This will also result in a reduction of the size of the phone as well as its weight. Apple also has earlier patents relating to a reduced form of its power button and the touch sensor. All these can be combined to offer a smaller sized iPhone in the future.

However, in such a scenario, the phone will need a very tough protective case, so the space saving features could be cancelled out. Yet, the design is surely interesting and hints at the future of smartphone designs, especially with the Apple hardware.

New Design Concept

Many a concept designer has created several renders of bezel free Apple phones, whereby the display extends from one edge to the other. These have been going for several years. However, the main barrier to achieving the edge-to-edge display is the Home button along with the Touch ID sensor that is embedded in it.

Patent for Fingerprint Sensor

Apple Patent for Fingerprint Sensor

Now Apple has patents describing several technologies that could be used in the fingerprint sensor. The ultrasonic imaging technology will allow the sensor to get embedded in the display. It will also prove to be more accurate when compared to the capacitive sensors that are used in the Touch ID currently.

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