Apple’s iPhone SE has a Longer Battery Life than iPhone 6S

iPhone SE

Apple went back to the pint-sized smartphones with the release of iPhone SE, a 4-inch phone that has come to be revered by many, especially in the international space.

There is no doubt that larger screened smartphones have become a liking for many people today. It is no wonder Apple took this direction in 2014, coming in with a larger iPhone 6 and an even larger iPhone 6 Plus. This was maintained the following year, with the iPhone 6S coming in to succeed iPhone 6 while iPhone 6S Plus took the place of iPhone 6 Plus.

Before this year’s release of the iPhone SE, Apple had been ignoring the 4-inch form factor for a period of two years, something that had left owners of iPhone 5S looking for a worthy successor pondering on whether to change allegiance to Android or stick with their older device. The many people who were unable to switch to a new iPhone due to the form factor can now make the move to this new phone which despite featuring a compact design, it packs the most advanced smartphone hardware and technologies.

iPhone SE may be small, but it has a longer battery life

Many phablet lovers will be quick to label the iPhone SE simply as a smaller version of the flagship iPhone 6S. However, if battery life is what you care most about in a phone, you might want to reconsider this argument.

This was an obvious fact right from the start, especially siniPhone SEce the smaller phone happens to come with the same battery capacity as the iPhone 6S, yet it has a smaller screen size and fewer pixels that mean a reduced rate of battery consumption. Well, there is more to this and according to a new review of the iPhone SE, it seems the battery life of this device is more than amazing.


According to folks at AnandTech, the iPhone SE can keep you in an intensive web browsing session for up to 9.27 hours, which is close to two hours more than what the iPhone 6S manages with the same browsing test. This battery life is slightly better than what the larger iPhone 6S Plus has to offer, which is about 9.05 hours. This is great for such a small phone that is as capable as the larger models.

It gets even better as the iPhone SE not only lasts longest with a single charge, but it also takes the shortest time to charge the battery from 0-100% – about 1.6 hours as compared to other iPhones currently available on the market.

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