Apple’s Promise to Replace Lost AirPods for $69 – New Spin on Predecessor

Apple AirPods

Apple has announced that it will replace lost AirPods for the price of $69 each.

The new AirPods, which are now ready for ordering, are wireless ones. They are small in size and sleek in appearance. However, the snag is that users can lose them easily and this is a nagging thought behind many customers’ minds.

Apple Replace Lost AirPods for $69

Replacement Offered

Even if you are forgetful and lose the new AirPods or if you are among those who travel in jam backed carriages, there is good news. Apple is ready to replace one AirPod at the price of $69. A new pair of AirPods comes at the cost of $159, so this seems to be quite a reasonable offer. If you lose the charging case of the new AirPods, you can get another one for the same price of $69.

Smart Alert

However, Apple has created a smart alert towards such losses. It has to be handed over to the credit of the company, that the music from the wireless earphones will stop once it leaves the ears. This has two benefits. Firstly, users don’t have to press on the pause button when they wish to talk to someone. Another and more important benefit is that it will alert you when the AirPod falls out of the ears. This could be very important in alerting the user and he could start searching for it in the immediate vicinity, such as a busy subway or platform.

Convenient Lifestyle

The new Apple AirPods offer a convenient means of listening to music, easy pairing and simple charging. It is very useful for those already in the Apple system with the iPhone 7, as it does not come with a headphone jack of 3.55 mm.

Warranties and Guarantees

The company site states that there is no warranty for the components, that is the earbud or for the charging case. However, instead of a warranty, users can replace each earbud or the case at the above mentioned fee. This is better than buying the whole AirPod set again at the price of $159. However, if a user plans on replacing each item separately, the cost will be $207.

Apple, however, offers warranty for a battery that is defective. It also offers battery services at the rate of $49 for each part, if it is occurring from normal usage.

New Spin

The Apple AirPods are Apple’s new spin on its predecessor, the white earbuds offered during the iPod period. The Apple AirPods were announced in September this year along with Apple’s iPhone 7. Apple has done away with the 3.5 mm, headphone jack in case of the new iPhone 7. Users of the new Apple AirPods can switch seamlessly from a mac to the Apple Watch.

Apple AirPods

Sold Separately

However, one cannot buy the Apple AirPods with the new iPhones, as was the case with the predecessor. Users will have to make the purchase separately. The original date of shipping was the latter part of October and they were delayed. It is available for ordering online but much of the holiday season has already gone by.

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