Aston Martin Plans To Expand Lineup, 7 New Models In Next 7 Years

Aston Martin DB11

The current head of the Aston Martin brand revealed to the media that he has some big plans for the brand and is going to expand the lineup by multiple new launches.

Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin have had a really long stint with the Nissan brand. He was in the company when the revival plan and the Nissan Power 88 was revealed. When he has worked with a person like Carlos Ghosn, it’s no wonder he wants to follow in his boss’s footsteps. Palmer joined Aston Martin in the year 2014 and has been taking some radical steps to bring the brand into mainstream market.

Speaking about the current situation of Aston Martin, Palmer said that the company has been running on a survival scenario for a very long time. Even though, the automobile brand came up with some important launches like the AM-RB 001 hypercar and the Red Bull F1 operation. If there is one model that is going to make the company popular again, it is the upcoming DB11.

2017 Aston Martin DB11 front

Often nicknamed as the bond car, the Aston Martin DB11 is about to hit showrooms and will give the company the much needed boost. It is also the start of a huge lineup Palmer has planned. The launches will be split over the next seven years, with at least one new model every year to stay relevant to the buyer group. He added that they have already found serious investors who have put in their money, allowing the research and development team to come up with new cars.

The platform has been underpinning progress for many years now. The DB9 is really old but its chassis and platform is being used by many modern day cars. It constrains their evolution to become a brand that caters to the new generation of buyers.

A new DBX crossover is under production at the plant located in Wales. The company’s CEO revealed that the new DBX is going to be a four door model and strongly believes that it has the potential to be the next Cayenne. Porsche Cayenne helped the brand come back into limelight and the same is expected with the DBX crossover as Aston Martin direly needs to get back in action. Two more sedans with the Lagonda badge and the top of the line Lagonda Taraf are also part of the lineup. We don’t have actual release dates for now.

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