ATOMIC for Samsung Galaxy S8 Case Listed on Ghostek for $59.95 – You’ll be Surprised with this Design!

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 launch is fast approaching, with the South Korean tech giant having less than two months to put everything in place.

A lot has already been said regarding the design and specs of the 2017 Samsung Galaxy S8 alongside the larger Galaxy S8+, whose real name was just leaked yesterday. While these are just rumors, we now have what could be the first real look at what the Galaxy S8 really looks like.

Smartphone accessory retailer Ghostek has listed a new ATOMIC for Samsung Galaxy S8 waterproof case with a “coming soon” release date. The case will be sold for $59.95 and according to the retailer, this case has a strong aluminum alloy bumper and is scratch resistant as well. There are six different colors for the alloy bumpers alongside clear rears and apparently, the “buttons, ports and controls are easily accessible.”

Samsung Galaxy S8

Which brings us to the elephant in the house – the design of the Samsung Galaxy S8. If this case is to be believed, there are quite a number of shocks that it says about the design of the S8. While it confirms the curved edges of the display screen as well as thinner top and bottom bezels, the back is quite different from what the rumors have been pointing at. For starters, the alignment of the main camera and the LED flash looks different. In addition, there is no cut for the alleged rear-mounted fingerprint scanner.

Another design element that the new ATOMIC for Samsung Galaxy S8 case reveals has to do with the buttons. Apparently, there have been claims that the S8 will come with an unusual number of buttons on the sides, amounting up to four. Where three of these buttons will serve the usual purposes of Power On/Off, Volume Up and Volume Down, the fourth was touted to be exclusive to Bixby AI assistant that is rumored to be coming with the Galaxy S8. Well, there is another surprise for you here as the listed ATOMIC waterproof case for the S8 has three buttons on the left-hand side and no button on the right-hand side.

Samsung Galaxy S8

So, where does leave the fingerprint scanner and Bixby digital assistant? This is a tough one, but given the credibility of the source, it is possible that there are quite a few surprises coming up with the 2017 Samsung Galaxy S8. The phone should be launched on March 29, but according to other rumors, Samsung could tease the phone at the upcoming MWC 2017 show in the Spanish city of Barcelona.

Where do you think fingerprint scanner will be mounted on Samsung Galaxy S8? What about Bixby? Share your thoughts with us via the comments section.

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