AT&T Aims to Make Video Streaming and DirecTV Easy with 5G Evolution


AT&T is taking big steps towards increasing mobile and wireless internet speed with 5G Evolution plans.

In 2017, the company promises video streaming without loading times, up to 1 GBPS speed in specific areas and DirecTV besides expanding their fibernet network.

AT&T 5G Evolution

Instead of waiting for the smartphone industry and the networking setup to catch up, AT&T has already started working on bringing 5G connectivity to their customers. With multiple initiative for 2017 including 5G Evolution, AT&T Fiber and Trials Advance Network, the service provider aims to make video and data consumption seamless than it has ever been.

“Data consumption has jumped colossal heights from 2007 to now, 250,000% to be precise and majority of it is dedicated to video consumption. With improved network performance and internet speed, 5G network is something of an essential in an era of Internet of Things, streaming video services, music, 4K content combined with augmented and virtual reality content. The list is now joined by connected homes and smart autonomous cars,” reads the blog post.

The company is planning to expand 5G Evolution by bringing speeds up to 1 GBPS in select areas. The project will be initiated in 2017 and expanded to all the regions in the country. The DirecTV video service will be experimented using a fast, mobile connectivity network in Austin region. In the next few months, AT&T aims to allow customers to be able to watch all these services on their smartphone without having to rely on a fibernet Wifi connection at home or office.

In partnership with Qualcomm and Ericsson, AT&T will test new radio spectrum waves in 28 GHz and 39 GHz bands before they are made commercially available. The new mmWave spectrum is essential for them to be able to offer this new highspeed 5G internet connection to their subscribers. Similar improvements are being made to the fibernet connection as well. G.Fast experiments and Millimeter Wave trials will commence in 2017.


One of the most ambitious projects that AT&T aims to achieve is the Project AirGig. If successful, it will allow them to deliver multi-gigabit wireless internet connectivity using electric lines. The project will bring fastest internet speeds to rural areas, every corner of the country and will significantly reduce overall expenses. It will pave way for decreased monthly subscription plans for users. Other mobile service providers are making improvements of their own so as to be future ready for 4K content and increased bandwidth usage.

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